Fabulous Summer Social Gatherings and the Head-Turning JJ Malibu Outfits to Wear to Them [Contest]

Now that summer is here, it's time to plan your fun-themed social outings with friends in outfits that are going to capture everyone's attention.

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This article was published on June 2nd, 2022

Ahhh… the gays know how to make the summer fun, festive, and flirty! Here are some fun theme-party ideas for your summer gatherings, and the outits that are going to make them pop! With this fabulous list of ideas, it’s time to get friends together and make a scene. Schedule an outing to your favorite gay bar and make heads turn! 

1. Wig Out Wednesday

Classic Fitted Crop Top

Although crop tops got their start primarily around gym culture, the trends of today have taken the crop top to divergent areas, with curvy and svelte men wearing them as a style statement. Put your abs and belly on display in a black crop top paired with jorts or high-waisted pants this season and own the look!

Men’s Casual Booty Short Shorts

No longer relegated to backyard events or music festivals, men’s booty shorts have come back in a major way, and are acceptable anywhere, any time, weather  permitting. Ignite your primal instincts in JJ Malibu’s rainbow leopard booty short shorts that will accentuate all your curves. Pair with a tank top and low-top sneakers and bring all the men to your yard!

São Paulo Studded Leather Harness and Choker with Shoulder Pads

Bring on the Brazilian realness with a leather harness and choker that is sexy, sleek, and good for any season. With the right accessories (and you won’t need many with this aesthetic!) you will be ready to strap in and give someone a ride they will never forget! With Pride events popping up, invest in a harness for the first time, or add a new one to your collection! 

2. Boys in Dresses Brunch

Revenge Suspenders Briefs 

The best revenge is looking great and that’s exactly what JJ Malibu’s suspender briefs will do for your accessories collection. Available in black or white and featuring laced sides and made from stretchy material for increased durability, these underwear are fully functional as well as fashionable – a great addition to your arsenal and guaranteed to elevate your assets. 

Las Vegas Single Shoulder Harness

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas goes the old adage, and JJ Malibu has designed a single shoulder harness that will make you the center of the festivities! Complete with an adjustable strap for increased comfort, the unique one-shoulder design is what makes it stand out, and it makes for great accessories for a night of sensual dom/sub play too.

3. Underwear Party

Men’s Big Pouch Cotton Thong

Trusted underwear that provide the comfort and support you need are an absolute and JJ Malibu’s cotton thongs not only provide protection where it counts, but offer a subtle understated sex appeal combined with a classic design.

Clapback Adjustable Jock Thong

Looking for a revamp to your jockstrap collection? Then look no further than JJ Malibu’s Clapback, an adjustable thong that has been made to accentuate your every curve in a sleek, modern way. The adjustable straps ensure the perfect fit, and the stylish design goes far and above the conventional jockstrap aesthetic that you will love. 

Attention Sheer Muscle Tank

No summer is complete without a few tank tops thrown into the mix, and JJ Malibu’s sheer muscle tank is an elevated take on a seasonal classic that is singular and sexy all at the same time. Lightweight and made from 100% cotton, pair it with shorts or fitted jeans for a great summer look.  

Greedy Tank Top

Designed specifically to stand out, JJ Malibu’s mesh tank top is an eyecatching addition to your summer top collection, made from a cotton blend that is form-fitting to accentuate your body, but also lightweight enough to wear throughout the day. Pair with booty shorts or a pair of denim jeans for a casual outfit that turns heads!

4. Onesie Funday

Men’s Graphic Romper Button-Up Jumpsuit 

Romper season has arrived, and to add a dash of drama to your collection, JJ Malibu presents its snakeskin edition that has all the ingredients necessary to make your wardrobe pop! Made from light, breathable material with a touch of Spandex for a better fit, the JJ Malibu button-up romper is great to wear while on the go and can be paired with sneakers and a tank top for a great look. 

White Cross Body Harness Bag

You’ve gotta store your essentials somewhere, so it might as well be in a stylish, svelte, and small bag that you can carry with you anywhere and not take up space. JJ Malibu’s harness bag comes with adjustable harnesss traps for the perfect fit, and has a large zipper pouch big enough to store your phone, credit cards, condoms, lube, car keys, and more! Bring fashion and function to the forefront with this harness bag that’s tailor-made for a day or night out on the town!

5. Saturday Strut

Infinity Long Sleeve Button Up Bodysuit 

Men that are looking for the ultimate sleek fit can opt for JJ Malibu’s ribbed bodysuit that has been designed to contour to your body and accentuate your every angle. The deep plunging V-neck design can be buttoned up or down depending on the occasion, and the long sleeves and cotton material make it a comfortable choice for the summer season. 

Jersey Mesh Festival Short Shorts 

Create an optical illusion in JJ Malibu’s geometric short shorts. Made from a polyester blend that is lightweight and perfect for a summer’s outing, these shorts can be paired with a tank top or statement tee for a casual day out. 

6. Sequin Sunday 

Astro See Through Mesh Boxer Briefs 

Let them see stars (or more) with these mesh boxer briefs. Made from lightweight material and strewn with stars all over, whoever sees you in these is sure to have their world rocked off its axis. 

Metallic Fanny Pack

Why leave your fanny pack in the background when it can be front and center? JJ Malibu’s metallic fanny pack is a visually stunning iridescent, shimmering spectacle that also does double duty as a storage sport for all of your essentials. Ideal for a festival, circuit party, or spending a day out with friends, this fanny pack is jam-packed with personality, sparkle, and character!


You could win a $100USD JJ Malibu gift card from HomoCulture! To enter, tell us in the comment box below the most fabulous and fun social gathering or party theme you have ever attended. 

Contest closes at 5:00pm PST, Friday, June 17, 2022. One random drawn winner will be notified on or before Monday, June 20, 2022. Read the complete contest rules.


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19 thoughts on “Fabulous Summer Social Gatherings and the Head-Turning JJ Malibu Outfits to Wear to Them [Contest]

  1. Damian

    Oh gosh, the best and most fablish theme I had the pleasure of attending was Boys in Dresses. Who knew after years of being annoyed by FN ads on socials that I’d end up parading around in a FN dress thrift store find :p

  2. Tanner

    Funny enough it was my mothers 50th birthday party. Hawaiian murder mystery, we decorated with leaves, pineapples, flamingos and coconuts. It was so much fun and entertaining, especially because mom gave out the wrong clues the first round, so you could see all the confused faces. It was hilarious. A little wholesome memory I hold on to. 🙂 <3

  3. Trevor Sisson

    I would have to say the most fabulous and most fun party theme I have ever attended would be Alice in Wonderland themed. But also I love White Party PS because you see some amazing and extravagant costumes.

  4. Connor

    I would say the most outrageous themed party was a “uniforms of seasons past” where you where your old sports uniforms. I was a cheerleader….use your imagination 😛

    1. Brian Webb

      Congratulations Connor – you are the lucky, randomly drawn winner of a $100 USD JJ Malibu gift card from HomoCulture. Enjoy all the fabulous and fun social gatherings you’ll be attending this summer and thank you for reading HomoCulture!

      We’ll be in touch with you by email on how to claim your prize.

      Brian Webb
      Owner and Editor-in-Chief

  5. Jay

    A candlelit supper with riparian entertainment …

    Or rather a formal garden cocktail party, not arranged by Hyacinth Bucket.

  6. Mustafa Akhtar

    I love love love tiki themed parties. It’s all about the clothes, drinks and the fun, can’t go wrong. yaaassss!

  7. Richard Renaud

    The most fun social gathering that I had was four years ago at a gay campground. They hosted a glow and the dark underwear party in a barn, full of amazing people who were full of body positivity. Something I will never forget. The vibes, the music, the people were unreal and it truly opened my way of things of what our community is and to be proud of who you are in the inside. #summercampingvibes

  8. Calvin B

    My favorite theme party has been pups and owners. I think you know who the leash belonged too 🐶🐾

  9. Jerrilynn

    The best party I have been to was an Orgy in 2019 that was catered by Carlos Bakery. That’s right, the Cake Boss himself stuffed this cannoli ❤️

  10. Casey Hardman

    Years ago, a new bar opened up in Ottawa called “Flamingo”. For the first time, I went to their underwear themed night. It was such a new concept to me because I didn’t know those kind of “events” existed. Being the young, decent looking gay that I was, I wanted to attend to experience something new. A bunch of friends and I had some pre drinks, and walked from my downtown apartment to the bar. The entire night was incredibly fun, and is a memory that to this day lives in my mind as one of my fave nights!

  11. Jorge Lee

    The most fun theme I’ve been to was Rocky Horror Show. The costumes, the film and everything else was fabulous