Fall Date Ideas During the Pandemic

8 great autumn date ideas for gay couples to try during the global health pandemic.

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This article was published on October 8th, 2020

The global pandemic has affected the way we connect, making it all the more important to stay in touch with those that matter in our lives in order to maintain an emotional charge. While dating is limited during these abnormal times, the fact is that there are still ways that you can maintain your love life if you are open to getting creative and thinking outside the box. There is no need to give up your social life completely because of the coronavirus. HomoCulture has round up some quarantine date ideas that you can use to add some flavor to your social distance love life this fall. 

The Picnic, Reimagined

For those that thought  a picnic was only relegated to the summer months, think again as there are many ways to create a picnic that can work well into the fall months. A great picnic is more about the energy you bring to the area as opposed to where it is. If you live near a park and the weather permits, bring a blanket and a slew of snack foods that can be enjoyed between you and your partner for a few hours.

While there, remember to be present and as back-up, have a couple of small blankets that you can wrap yourselves in should the temperatures drop a bit. If you don’t have access to a park, other options include using a terrace, your living room, or even on your bed. As long as you bring the right energy, the picnic date should be a hit!

Cook-Off Kitchen Challenge

One great option to spend time with your date is by cooking up a few special dishes that don’t require a lot of money or ingredients. With only a few bucks, you can whip up a great meal that will set your date’s taste buds on fire. The two of you can decide on a small menu or dish, plan a time to meet up, and then create the dish in the kitchen utilizing all of your culinary talents.

If neither of you are geniuses in the kitchen, the fun part will be socializing and finding a way to create something edible as you spend time together. If you are dating someone new and are not sure about meeting up just yet, opt for cooking meals in your own prospective kitchens and using Zoom or FaceTime to cook as you get to know one another.

Let the Games Begin!

There are so many board games out there that can provide hours of entertainment, and during the fall , organizing a game night with a date can be a great way to socialize and get to know more about another person. Just about any board game will do, and if you are so inclined, add some spice into the mix by making your own special rules to keep things fresh.

Movie Marathon

We have all spent enough countless hours by now on a Netflix and chill binge, so if you would like to spend some time with a significant other, one tried and true way that is exceedingly popular are cozying with up a special someone and going on a movie binge. To add a bit of intrigue to this, however, the two of you can decide on a theme and then select movies that fall under the category. Turn off the lights, get that flavored popcorn ready, sit down, and take in some hours of cinematic magic with a potential new boo!

Spa Day For Two

Who couldn’t use a bit of rest and relaxation during a global pandemic? Nothing could be more luxurious than a mini spa day with a date, and if this sounds enticing to both of you, there are a few options to make this a reality. One option is to make an appointment at a day spa that serves couples that caters to your every whim or set up one at home that includes all the necessities of a great spa treatment, including massage oil, pedicure and manicure, soothing music, candles, and face packs. Throughout the spa treatment, the two of you can get a little closer and get a lot more relaxed in the process. 

Virtual Art Tour

Thanks to advanced technology, the museums and great attractions of the world are available to all of us with the click of a mouse. If you want a great date night experience from the security of your home, you and your date can take virtual tours from your couch. Many museums are currently offering virtual tours, and they include Disney World, the Guggenheim, the Eiffel Tower, or even Google’s Street view via their Art & Culture setting. See the world in an exciting new way!

Quarantine Cocktails

Instead of just drinking in your pajamas alone during the pandemic, turn things up a notch by putting on your best clothes and inviting your date over for some classed up cocktails that show off your bartender skills. HomoCulture has an extensive list of cocktails that you can try out that we are sure you will love. By the end of the night,t he two of you may have an entirely new list of favorite drinks to add to your personal arsenal. 

Quarantine Karaoke

Test your pipes with some rounds of karaoke at home that is a great way to break the ice with a new date or throw a new alternative into the mix for a significant other. No matter what your vocal abilities may be, this is a great way get silly during a date and get to know a bit more about one another. 

Have Fun This Autumn 

These are just some of the many ideas that are possible fall date ideas during the pandemic. Do you have any to add tot he list? Let HomoCulture know about some of your favorites in the comments section!

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