Fashion Tips for Celebrating Pride 2021

The fashion trends for celebrating Pride in 2021.

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This article was published on May 20th, 2021

Pride 2021 is only a few weeks away and although most of the events around the world will be small gatherings with physically distanced friends or going the virtual route, that doesn’t mean that you cannot still celebrate it loud and proud with some amazing, innovative ‘lewks’ that bring the festivities to life. HomoCulture is breaking down the fashion trends and guidelines that you may want to audition for the commemorations that will cover the entire month of June to pay respects to the 1969 uprising at the iconic Stonewall in New York City. 


In only a few short years, rompers for men have made a huge splash on the fashion scene and show no signs of slowing down. This is a one-suit that is perfect for the spring and summer seasons, which makes them ideal for Pride this year. It takes a man of confidence to wear this option proudly, and with so many variations on these soon to be classics, invest in a few and show your legs, thighs, and biceps throughout the month as the ultimate form of expression!


Another fashion forward entry into men’s apparel are meggings – men’s leggings that are form-fitting and accentuate everything from the waist down. Kapow Meggings is one of the leading designers of this trend, and their versions fit like a second skin, combining premium stretch spandex and polyester fabric for a lightweight, breathable option that is comfortable for all day wear. They’re perfect for a Pride celebration and there are enough versions of these to satisfy any guy’s style aesthetic. 


Yes, masks are still a apart of the conversation this year, and since we all want to be responsible citizens, they are an absolute must until the global pandemic is completely behind us. Fittingly, HomoCulture has created their own masks that are fun, vibrant, and the perfect accessory to celebrate Pride and show your love for what we bring to you 365 days a year!

Essential Accessories

Beyond a COVID mask, there are a myriad of other accessories that you can incorporate that colorfully celebrate Pride month and they include:

Rainbow Socks 

If you want to draw some attention to your legs while simultaneously supporting the LGBTQ+ community, some colorful rainbow socks are a fun accessory to throw into the mix. Display the rainbow flag proudly in some combed cotton socks that will bring LIFE to your outfit!

How to Dress for the Pride in Europe


You’re going to need a pair of shades if you’re going to spend hours outside during pride celebrations, and there are many Gay Pride sunglasses out there that boldly feature the rainbow print and come with the UV 400 protection you will need against the sun. 


There are so many caps and hats to choose from that celebrate Pride and keep you cool while outside celebrating. From bucket hats and baseball caps and much more, you can easily find a few pairs that you can wear across the entire month of June!

Fanny Packs

Don’t call it a comeback, because for many of us, the fanny pack has never completely left our lives. For a parade or outing, they are great for carrying all the essentials you need. Plus, you can support the designs of indie designers from all over the world and give back to the community. 

Be Out And Proud

What essential fashion are you ready to rock for Pride 2021? Let HomoCulture know in the comments section below!

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