Fashion Tips for Frugal Gay Men

Fashion at a discount has been saving and extending the lives of homosexuals for generations.

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This article was published on November 2nd, 2020

Don’t you dare turn your nose up at budget fashion! Fashion at a discount has been saving and extending the lives of homosexuals for generations, and in these trying times, there is no reason why you should go without looking the part even if you’re not on the stage. HomoCulture is here to give you the tips necessary to hit that concrete jungle in stunning style for mere pesos on the dollar!

If you are the type that sashays on by that clearance rack and thumbs your nose at certain stores, have we got news for you. 

You need to change your attitude!

Ask any fashionisto for the details on their designs, and they may or may not let you know that some of their best pieces came from the sales rack. Do you think they feel any remorse for paying less for that pair of pants or sweater you continue to compliment them on?

Computer says no!

If you aspire to fashion nirvana, the tips that we have here are guaranteed to transform you from the also-ran to the belle of the ball. HomoCulture understands that rent comes first, mouths must be fed, and debt must be paid off. But that’s no reason for fashion to sashay away from your life! So, without further adieu, here are the tips that will have you deliver!

Keep Them Guessing

Repeat after us: H&M is your friend!

Why buy basic V-neck tees and button-downs from high-end retail stores when you can get them for a fraction of the cost at stores like H&M, K-Mart, or even Wal-Mart? 

Stop that.

Every man needs some essential pieces in their wardrobe, and many of these can be bought for a nominal price. In essence, you are paying for the name brand as opposed to the quality. Buying the essentials at these stores means you can confidently wear the basic colored t-shirts and graphic tees and tank tops at nearly wholesale prices and save that extra dough for items where you really cannot cut corners – like quality cashmere. Besides, mixing and matching low-end with high-end is the trend these days.

Be a Clearance Rack Renegade

It may take you a bit of time, but if you train yourself to immediately head to the back of a store once you enter it, you would be surprised at bargains that can be found on the clearance racks. Typically, stores will slash prices by as much as 90% just to get the product off their shelves for the new releases. This serves as the perfect opportunity for you to swoop in and potentially nab a premium piece at an amazing price. Another great way to save money on clothes is to shop off-season to get the best prices that you can wear out in a few months. You just might find the sweater of your dreams in July. If it speaks to you, the choice is clear – snatch it up!

Transform Into a Thrift Store

One of the best places to find a few sartorial gems are at thrift and vintage stores. Not only do they often feature name brands that are available at a steep discount, but you can often find classic garments that will ultimately become timeless pieces in your wardrobe. Vintage menswear is a huge trend now, and the best part of buying vintage is that you won’t have to worry if someone is wearing the same thing as you once you hit that event. 

Clothes That Compel

Before you pull out that credit card or fork over your cash, you should always take a few moments to look at the clothes you are about to buy and ask yourself if it really will add value to your wardrobe or is it destined to end up as a hand-me-down to a cousin. If you have any doubts before you land at the checkout counter, we suggest you set it aside until you find the clothes that compel you to buy them. Your clothes should bring joy into your life, not ambivalence. Marie Kondo has her way of clearing houses. HomoCulture has its way of saving clearing closets. 

Be That B.O.B. – B*tch On Budget

There is absolutely no shame in knowing exactly what you want when you enter a store. In fact, it will save you time and alleviate stress since you will know exactly which part of the store to head to and the limits of your budget. It’s important to set a budget that you can comfortably live with and then stick to it. If you have an outfit in mind, we suggest setting aside a certain amount to invest and then narrow down the clothing options that fall within the constraints. If you don’t find everything you want that falls within your price range, remember that you can always come back another day, and by then there may be another sale for you take advantage of. 

The Online Hustle

Shopping online is one of the best ways to nab a deal if you are intent to stay on budget. Once you have researched a few sites that fit your style agenda, it will be easy to bask in the virtual clearance racks flying across your laptop. Plus, with so many sites offering free shipping, you will save time and money from the comfort of home. If you don’t know what Groupon or Living Social is, then you can thank us later once you purchase that next guilty pleasure!

Get Started Today

Armed with these invaluable tips that HomoCulture has so graciously provided, we now have hopefully given you the confidence to find those fabulous items that not only save you some serious cash, but take your wardrobe to the next level and keeps you in step with fashion. 

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One thought on “Fashion Tips for Frugal Gay Men

  1. PSPBlueyes

    I have been a bargain Betty for YEARS. After working in the fashion and retail industry for over twenty years, I learned many tricks to stretching your purchasing dollar…! The best advice here is to hit the clearance racks. Places like Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Nordstrom Rack are a goldmine! The other place that I loved to shop are vintage stores. You can find that ONE piece that makes all others stand out for pennies on the dollar! Other sources – estate sales, GOODWILL, and swap meets – if you have the time and the patience.