Folsom 2018 Weekend: a fun filled weekend of fantasy and freedom [NSFW]

Folsom 2018 was a gay rite of passage and bucket list event not to be missed.

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This article was published on October 16th, 2018

San Francisco is a place that is always changing, but forever recognizably San Francisco. It’s weird. It’s funky. And it plays host to a bunch of fun freaky events meant for all flavors.  Folsom Street Fair is the ultimate weekend if you are looking to explore leather, kinks and fetishes, get into an extra circuit experience, getaway with friends, get piggy, or just enjoy a weekend getaway to the city that founded the modern gay rights movement at one of the biggest queer festivals in the world.

Folsom 2018

At Folsom Street Fair weekend and throughout the city,  you’re always encouraged to come be yourself: adventurous and bold. If you weren’t able to attend Folsom this year, here’s a naughty taste of what you missed:

Folsom Street Fair 2018

Dore Festival: Right Up Your AlleyFriday night, San Francisco has welcomed all the visitors with open arms and the Castro was a bustle of activity. Local bars packed to the brim with eager party goers were all over town as there were several fun gay-themed parties sporadically throughout the city.

Saturday was a quieter start compared to other Folsom weekends, possibly due to the cool overcast weather of the morning into early afternoon. It made for a great day to spend exploring the other attractions of the city including Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Wharf, and Madame Tussauds wax museum,

By mid-afternoon, the gay “beach” at Delores Park was filled with sun seekers eager to catch some rays and check out the male inventory of the city. The coldest winter is definitely a late summer/ early fall in SF as Saturday night in the city was chilly AF while people headed off to the bars, clubs, and circuit parties dressed in harnesses, jockstraps, and short-shorts, defying the weather.

Sunday was the annual Folsom Street Fair. If you missed this year or have never been, you really must check this gay bucket list event off of your list. While San Fran gave everyone wearing next to nothing a reality check with very cool and overcast weather, it didn’t stop anyone from coming decked out to the nines—or wearing nothing at all.

Sister Roma at Folsom Street Fair 2018

Admission to Folsom Street fair is free for visitors greeted at the main entrance by Sister Roma of the Sisters or Perpetual Indulgence, asking for admittance donations.

Folsom Street Fair 2018

Folsom Street Fair is a voyeur’s dream come true. It’s a festival with booths, food, bars, staged, and DJs, but there are also lots of vignettes or kinks, fetishes, and connections among and between the thousands of attendees.

Folsom Street Fair 2018

Rope and flogging demonstrations are intermingled with vendors settling all kinds of leather and kink gear. People wearing everything from leather harnesses and rubber suits, to latex, puppy masks, vinyl, and jockstraps while anything and everything sexual was happening.

Folsom Street Fair 2018

Asses and dicks were hanging out. It was all happening, from making out to pissing to threesomes to gang bangs to pissing, flogging, spanking, furby, pup play, and everything in between, Folsom Street Fair is where unabashed sexual freedom is out in front for everyone to witness.

There are plenty of gay bars, lounges, and night clubs in San Francisco's gay neighbourhood, the Castro, including The Lookout.

Sunday evening after the street fair, most people went to Real Bad, where real bad things happened. Plenty of sucking and fucking long into the night. If you could only go to one party all Folsom weekend long, that was it. The rest of the Castro was significantly quieter on Sunday night, but the hardcore weekend goers were still out and having a great time closing out the weekend.

Folsom Street Fair 2018

Folsom Street Fair weekend is a full on experience not for the light hearted. It’s better to leave your inhibitions behind you before you even ever get to San Francisco, that way you can just plug your nose and dive into the debauchery that is Folsom weekend. Make plans to attend this crazy fun weekend and gay rite of passage event next year!

HomoCulture Gear at Folsom Street Fair 2018

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