How having a foot fetish can be extremely sexy

From foot jobs to foot worship, here's everything you ever wanted to know about having a foot fetish.

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This article was published on May 3rd, 2017

What is it about feet that get some people sexually excited? Of all the sexy body parts, tootsies have been rated the sixth most sexiest body part, after lips, butts, faces, and abs, according to a survey of average people on the street. It’s not unusual or uncommon to have a foot fetish. Get ready, and dig your feet in, because we’re about to dip our toes, ankle deep, into exploring foot fetishes and how this fetish can be extremely sexy!

Let’s start with the basics: feet are great. Think, for a second, about how vital our feet are to our lives. Most of us are on them throughout our waking hours, constantly using them to get around everywhere we need to go. They’re the part of us that take the most beating, the foundation to the structures of us. Could you make due without the use of your feet?

Throughout history, feet have had interesting connotations in various eras. From Jesus washing the feet of impoverished lepers to kissing the feet of the pope or medieval monarch, our feet have been in as many ways symbols of respect, as they have earned merits of distaste.  Maybe that is what makes feet-loving so taboo: there is as much love for them, as there is hate.

People engage in all kinds of activities when it comes to feet. Massage is probably the most common behavior when it comes to foot play. Feet rubs are like the foot fetish gateway; even non-fetishists get in on treating their partners, friends, and loved-ones to a good foot massage. Just allowing someone to touch your feet is allowing said person into your personal space. And let’s face it, our feet couldn’t be more personal.

If you want to try foot fetishery, it is recommended to start with something like a massage that can provide enjoyment to both parties.

Some folks have the idea of sticking someone’s piggies in their mouths as something uncouth and disgusting. Meanwhile, some enthusiasts cannot wait to suck on them toes. Some groups of people have a love affair of oral stimulation through kissing, sucking, licking, and overall worship of feet, both receiving and giving. A common practice within is the kissing and sucking of individual and groups of toes. This provides the recipient pleasure as there are millions of nervous in our feet, while achieving oral fixation pleasure for the giver.

Others engage in a form of fisting referred to as Foot fucking. This form of sex, often referred to as “footing” or “Foot pegging” is enjoyed by enthusiasts who want to take foot fuckery to a new level. Enthusiasts revel about a different kind of stimulation on both party’s ends. Lots of lube, Crisco, and clipping of toenails are recommended before engaging in this activity.

Some folks are into stinky feet, too. Scent fetishists get off on the smell of our feet perspiring and musty. Just like those who are turned on by the smell of sweat and body odor, there are those who appreciate the smell of feet–no matter their condition or state. Perhaps it is the submissiveness in them or a fixation of an appendage, there is a level of enthusiasm for feet in an au naturale state.

Hygienically speaking, our franks are surprisingly not what one might think. Most foot fetishists insist upon only clean, recently-washed feet. The skin on our feet is the thickest of any other place on our bodies. This means that not only are our tootsies riddled with nerves, but also the cells are constantly shedding and creating new ones, revealing a constant layer of new skin.

While there are many different types fetishes, one thing is for certain: foot play is here to stay. There will always be an appreciation, by some, of feet and what can be done with them. If you are one of those people, take pride in knowing that you are not alone in having a foot fetish. There are millions of people that engage in the enjoyment of foot loving. Having a foot fetish is normal that can regarded as something as simple as an adoration of a body part. Foot fetishes are frankly not so foreign.

How having a foot fetish can be extremely sexy

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