The best power bottom in the world couldn’t wear this puppy out!

The Fort Troff Raw Pup is easily one of the most versatile and fun toys you can add to your toy collection this year. The new Raw Pup by Fort Troff […]

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This article was published on March 24th, 2016

Fort Troff Raw PupThe Fort Troff Raw Pup is easily one of the most versatile and fun toys you can add to your toy collection this year. The new Raw Pup by Fort Troff is a power bottoms dream come true. Especially for bottoms who like to take it raw. The Fort Troff Raw Pup is the third generation in the Raw product line-up, constantly improving each time. The Raw Pup has been completely re-imagined to give the ultimate pleasure for tops and bottoms alike.

Made from a special, soft, silky smooth material, the Raw Pup easily stretches, allowing for big penetrations. With just a little bit of lube, the hollow, bullet shaped Raw Pup is easily inserted. A special grooved bulb securely locks the Raw Pup in place, with a soft wide base on the outside keeping it from sliding all the way in, even during the roughest play.

While dramatically thicker than a condom, bottoms don’t need to worry about loosing sensations. In fact, it’s even more fun for a bottom who likes to take a good pounding because the thickness helps by filling every available void, especially for power bottoms who are a little loose to start with.

What’s more is that the Raw Pup is clear. After a solid evening of fun, it can easily be taken out to see just how much seed was buried deep inside.

Fort Troff Raw Pup

Tops will love the Raw Dog too. It’s ribbed on the inside, increasing sensation and pleasure. As your bottom clenches, you can feel it clamp down.

Better yet, it’s not just a toy for partners. It can also be used solo as a jack-off toy.

Fort Troff Raw Pup

Clean-up is super easy. Simply give it a rinse in warm water, wash with mild soap, then let it air dry. It’s strongly recommended to keep it stored in its original packaging so it doesn’t collect dust or lint, or get damaged by other toys or lubricants.

Best of all, the Fort Troff Raw Pup will stand up to the test of time, guaranteed. Not even the best power bottom could wear this puppy out! The Raw Pup is guaranteed for one full year.

Fort Troff Raw Pup

Think you can handle the Fort Troff Raw Pup? Give it a try. It is quickly and discretely shipped. Don’t settle for fakes and imitations either; the Fort Troff logo that is moulded into the Raw Pup ensures that you have an authentic and genuine Fort Troff product.

Fort Troff Raw Pup

It’s important to know that the Raw Pup does not replace the need for a condom, nor should it be used as a condom. Always practice safer sex and have fun doing it!

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