Four Easy Hacks to Make Better Eating Decisions This Christmas

This holiday season, make healthier decisions in a more efficient way.

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This article was published on December 17th, 2022

The term hack has come to mean different things to many people, but there is no reason to view it as a negative. The term ‘hacking’ originated in computer science but now has been co-opted by the public as a quick and easy way to achieve a goal. These tips “short-circuit” entrenched eating habits. Try these Christmas meal ideas this holiday season and remember that there is no perfect holiday feast, but HomoCulture has curated a few effective hacks that can make the holidays a bit easier to endure for your overall health. 

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Four Effective Hacks:

1. Eat a couple of hours before a meal to avoid overeating

Social groups might make it difficult to obtain healthy food. Before visiting a social function, eat healthily so you won’t have to worry about your caloric intake the entire time. You’ll feel whole and healthy at the celebration. Hungry people order poorly, and this is easy to avoid if you have a bit of sustenance before a meal. Attending a party while hungry is equivalent to going grocery shopping while hungry. Starving people shouldn’t go food shopping or to dinner parties.

2. Prepping for Christmas dinner

Begin by drinking water first. Drinking a lot of water before meals helps prevent overeating. Water is limited in the digestive tract, plus it boosts the metabolism and strengthens muscles, helping you lose weight. The health benefits exceed the minor investment.

3. Holiday workout skips

How often? Holiday travel or visiting relatives may make exercising difficult. How long can one go without exercise? Avoid two-day gaps. Running requires a sidewalk and sneakers. Parks in big cities allow walking, jogging, and running. Top gym companies provide reciprocal memberships so members can work out at partner gyms. Weight-bearing workouts without equipment exist. Fifteen to twenty minutes daily can have a big impact on how well you maintain your weight and physical stamina once the holiday season ends. 

4. Improved dinners

This is difficult due to the delicious cuisine associated with the holiday season. Naturally, some options are better for you. First up are vegetables. Bread, fried foods, and sweets like candied yams should be reduced or avoided altogether. Serve less cornbread dressing, pecan pie, and pumpkin pie. You shouldn’t decide what others consume. Having a bit of everything in moderation is harmless. With this approach, no one is cheated.

Things that will not work

Healthy tourists must remember that just because they are not at home, it doesn’t give them carte blanche to eat whatever they want. It won’t help you lose weight to say, “I’ll only eat one dish of mashed potatoes” or “I’ll only have one piece of the pie.” Sharing a meal is useless. When traveling, try to eat foods in moderation that you truly love and minimize the alcoholic intake that can cause you to really pack on the pounds. If you adhere to these life hacks, you can be victorious over the Christmas season!

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