7 fun and unique ways to surprise your boyfriend

Surprise your boyfriend in a new, fun and unique way, use these tips.

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This article was published on August 15th, 2018

Wait a second. It’s August, Valentine’s Day is months away and we’re talking about surprising our boyfriend? Hell yes, because you don’t need a holiday to keep your mojo going and get your boyfriend to bed you as a sign of gratitude for something that you did. However, since it’s not VD nor it is Christmas, you could do something else than buy him a new favourite sweater, make the cliche candle-lit dinner (you should be doing this from time to time, just to be clear) or forget your underwear on purpose. Surprise your boyfriend in a new, fun and unique way, use these tips. He’ll enjoy it, and so will you when the time comes for him to thank you.

1. Coupon day

The cheapest but perhaps the most original way in which you can surprise your boyfriend is by giving him a coupon book that you designed and printed yourself. This is a great gift for any anniversary, but then again, you should keep the flames going 365 days a year. Make him a coupon book for a free massage, blowjob, living his sexual fantasy, taking him for dinner… whatever comes to your mind. If you give him a time limit (for example a couple of months) he will have to use all the coupons, and the good thing is that it’s practically free and extremely thoughtful. There are plenty of designer apps that you can use to make your coupons – print them out and there you go!

2. Spa for two

If your bae is a hard-working guy and you see that he always comes home tired and in search of some relaxation, this would be a good time to present him with a day at a spa. You can choose from various options, ranging from a massage for one to a couple’s massage with a sauna. If you have time and the possibility of travelling, you can always book a night at a spa where you’ll be alone during the weekend. It’s a great thing that he’ll probably never get for himself, but it’s going to mean so much to him.

3. NYC feeling

You know how many couples make candle-lit homemade dinners and call it the most romantic gesture of all? Well, spice it up a notch. Since everyone loves the NYC feeling, it would be an excellent idea to bring the NYC party scene to your apartment. Consider hiring a great mixologist in NYC and make the best food/drinks mixes in the comfort of your own home. If you play some party music and even invite a couple of people, the whole night might be a blast. And, it’s super unique.

4. King for a day

This tip might be quite similar to the coupon book, but if you have no idea what coupons to include, you might as well crown your boyfriend a King for a day and do whatever he tells you to do. Mind that this will definitely involve some cooking, going to the supermarket or doing laundry, but then again it might involve some pretty naughty things that you will like as well. A totally free, great surprise!

5. Romantic gaycation

Gaycations are not only for a group of gay friends, as you can have one with your guy as well. If you happen to have a gay destination in your mind (this also works for short trips such as a weekend getaway in a nearby town or a mountain), book tickets and see what gay things you might be doing there. And even if there are no gay events happening, you’ll probably be under the covers for quite some time which definitely counts as “gay”, doesn’t it? This option might be a bit pricy (depending on how much you wanted to spend for this surprise), but if you have the funds, it’s a great surprise that he will likely remember for the rest of his life.

6. Treasure hunt

Make a romantic movie out of your life. If you’re creative and have no idea what to do with your creativity, now is the time to start planning the treasure hunt for your guy. Make a list of all the clues that he has to solve, ask your friends to help you and organize a search in your area or the most important places for the two of you (such as the place of your first date, first kiss and such). The treasure could be something small, such as a cake, tickets to a concert or even you. It’s super fun, and not only for the one who’s solving it, but for the maker as well.

7. Man bath

A good idea to surprise your boyfriend would be waking him up by giving him a blowjob or rim job, but this is something that you should be doing often which means it’s not actually a surprise. However, you can give him a man bath. Strip him, take him to the bath that you prepared beforehand (with bath bombs and other stuff) and bathe him. It’s super sexy and totally unique.

Surprising your guy doesn’t have to involve shopping or days of thinking what to get him. It could be something minor that you haven’t done before. So try some from the list above and you’ll see how good both of you will be feeling afterwards!

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