Gay brunch: the corner stone of gay culture

What is the significance of drag brunches to the gay community?

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This article was published on January 7th, 2017

Over the centuries communities have been bound by the religious ritual calling for dull Sunday services as a means of coming together, followed by a day of rest, and a large meal surrounded by family. While this may work for some, the gay community took the idea of coming together, added food, cocktails, and entertainment. BAM! Gay brunch, also known as gay church, drag brunch, or Sunday Funday, was born. It has become a chosen family affair, and the most anticipated social event of the gay week.

gay brunch

The gay community has always loved brunch. It is the most important meal of the gay! After an early Sunday morning gym sesh, it’s off to refuel, replenish, and re-energize with a group of friends, aquaintances, and members of the community. For circuit sisters and partygoers, it’s the cure for symptoms of a fantastic Saturday night, while recounting stories of debauchery from the previous night.

What makes gay brunch the single greatest meal of the gay day?

It the only day of the week that it is acceptable to knock back cocktail after cocktail at 11am, while no one bats an eyelash! Shirtless bartenders in sexy underwear serve up non-stop, free-flowing mimosas, Bloody Mary’s, Caesars, and screwdrivers are all part of the ultimate experience. It’s what helps give Sunday Funday it’s name.

gay brunch mimosas

It’s not gay brunch without entertainment

The fusion of drag and brunch is essential for gay brunch. Drag queens have long played an important role in the LGBT community, not only as a form of entertainment but as a fierce form of expression and freedom from conformity. Using their strength, courage, Pride, and humour, drag queens play an important role in the LGBT rights movement, expressing, conveying, and relaying messages of equality, rights, and political statements, with a biting wit and a hefty dose of sarcasm. Gay brunch isn’t complete without a prominent local drag queen hosting the Sunday ritual with a team performers entertaining patrons throughout the day. Don’t forget to tip the entertainment with cash or a cocktail.

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Brunch is where the gay community comes together, finds common ground, and be themselves. It’s also the time when important planning happens for the many rallies, festivals, benefits, and events of the gay community. There’s simply no better way to provide the backdrop and the inspiration to these meetings of minds than an extraordinary consortium of fabulous drag queens.

Gay brunch isn’t just the usual Sunday brunch. It’s the where the gay community comes together to revitalize, socialize, and mesmerize, becoming the cornerstone of all things important in gay culture.

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