The gift that keeps on giving: the HomoCulture Gay Christmas Gift Giving Guide

Here are 15 great gift ideas for the gay man on your Christmas shopping list.

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This article was published on December 4th, 2018

Giving the perfect gift to the gay man in your life is important. You want it to be practical, something useful, and something your guy would actually want. You need a selection of price ranges and ideas for that special present ranging from technology to cars, clothing to alcohol, and sexy to fun. Here are 15 great gift ideas for the gay man on your Christmas shopping list

1. Kapow Meggings Bundles. Nothing says the winter season than additional layers to keep your protected against chilling weather and conditions. Kapow Meggings are the perfect gift for the gay man in your life who is fit, active, and in need of some colorful leggings added to his wardrobe. Check out all the styles and prints.

2. Apple Watch. Everyone’s favorite time piece has seen quite a few reinventions in the last few years since its initial release, and the newest edition of Apple Watches from TELUS are the best time piece you could strap to your wrist. Answer calls, check messages, and control your mobile life all with the flick of the wrist with the Apple Watch.

3. Nomad Apple Watch Strap. Of course, no Apple Watch would be complete without a sleek, stylish wristband keeping it on your arm. The Nomad Apple Watch strap features different materials, styles, and colors for the versatile gay man in your life who loves to switch it up every now and then. Check out all the different variations of Nomad Apple Watch Straps.

4. Google Pixel 3. Google is currently slaying all the competition with their new sexy mobile phone: the Google Pixel 3. With simply the best camera on a mobile phone, the Google Pixel 3 takes your selfie game to the next level with increased megapixels and clarity. You won’t want to own any other phone than the Google Pixel 3. 

5. Ford F-150 Lariat. Go big or go home, daddy! If you really want to show the man in your life that you love him by going that extra mile and beyond, get him the Ford F-150 Lariat. This is one souped-up ride with enough luxury bells and whistles on one vehicle that it will keep your guy preoccupied for a while. Take his new ride out on a wintery day or for a cruise along the coast. You can’t go wrong with this sweet truck.

6. Stoli. Alcohol is the gift that keeps on giving, especially when you are looking for the perfect gift to get your man. A leading partner of Homoculture, Stoli is a leading company for LGBT rights and sponsors prides and queer festivals all over the world. They also host the largest LGBT bartending competition in the world: The Stoli Key West Cocktail Classic. Stoli is also the best vodka on the market. Perfect for the gay in your life who loves to drink. Don’t believe us? Just ask Patsy and Eddy. Kick it up a notch this holiday season and serve up some of the 12 Stoli Cocktails of Christmas.

7. Barefoot Wine. LGBT friendly and California based Barefoot Wine is exceptional wine at a price everyone can afford. With a myriad of amazing wines to choose from, you can get your bae the gift of joy through alcohol. Check out Barefoot’s Sauvignon Blanc, a multiple Gold Medal winner, or Barefoot’s illustrious array of exquisite sparkling wines known at Barefoot as Barefoot’s Bubbly’s.

8. Circuit party tickets. For that party animal in your life, don’t forget about the amazing dance festivals that occur throughout the winter and spring. This Christmas, what about some tickets to some circuit festivals like Miami Winter Party Festival, White Party Palm Springs, and Matinee Las Vegas. Escape the winter and head to one of these three festivals for fun, the hottest guys, the best dance music, and an entirely gay experience you won’t soon forget.

9. HomoCulture Gear circuit fans. If you’ve got a man who loves going to circuit parties and dance festivals that really gets into it, then you need to outfit your guy in the apropos gear for said events. Homoculture has you covered with some sickeningly exclusive gear offered only at Homoculture. The single best accessory for any of these events is a snap fan to snap along to the beat in celebration of extraordinary music. With HomoCulture Gear circuit fans, you’ll be the bell of the ball and the queen of the party.

10. The Stockroom Bulldog Bruiser Leather Harness. There are a lot of queer men out there who just love leather and the way it feels. Sure, everyone has a harness these days. But does everyone have the Bulldog Bruiser Leather Harness from The Stockroom? Doubt it! This exclusive harness from Stockroom is a cast above and beyond your typical harness without being too extra. It’s great for wearing under clothes and as an introduction to the leather and harness worlds. Made from high quality leather, you can’t go wrong with the Bulldog Bruiser Leather Harness.

11. The Stockroom leather gauntlets. There are too many festivals around the world to choose from, and too many pieces of sick gear out there to really dress an ensemble up. Like The Stockroom Leather Gauntlets: these leather arm cuffs are a great accessory to jazz up any look and are great for your guy who wants to try out leather but isn’t totally ready to commit full kilter on it. The Stockroom’s Leather Gauntlets are the perfect introduction to the leather scene.

Gear up for Folsom weekend - The Stockroom gauntlets

12. WET Lubricant. When you just don’t know what to get the guy in your life, you can always turn back to sex so that you both benefit. Don’t settle for dry sex when you can get the best lube on the market for you both to share! WET Lubricant is the best water-based lube on the market, and getting your guy a bottle for Christmas means you’ll get to enjoy his present just as much as he does. WET Lubricant is perfect for nearly all sexual situations to help you ease into any orifice. Get ready to get WET this holiday season with WET Lubricant.

13. Austin Wilde Fleshjack. Most people masturbate nearly once a day if not more. (Ok, ok…we get it…it’s not a competition: you and your 6 times daily!) Knowing that man is going to be self-pleasuring a bunch even if you aren’t around, why not give him a means to his method with the Austin Wilde Fleshjack. You guy will love you for taking the time to think about his “me time” and the Austin Wilde Fleshjack is a perfect Fleshjack for sharing, too. With extra ribbing and 9 inches of insertable length, your partner can enjoy this sexual aid with or without you over and over and over again.

14. Las Vegas weekend getaway at the New York New York Las Vegas Resort and Casino. Who doesn’t love a love get away for the weekend? Everyone deserves a break every now and then, so give your guy that mini holiday he’s been dreaming of. Sin City is a great destination for a baby gaycation, and there is no finer accommodation that the New York New York Las Vegas Resort and Casino. This boutique hotel has luxury features in the center of Las Vegas, making all nightlife, entertainment, food, bars, and sightseeing all at your door stop at the New York New York. Pamper your man this Christmas with the best resort hotel weekend away in: the New York New York Las Vegas. 

New York New York Las Vegas Resort and Casino

15. Pointure 46 Male Feet Calendar. Who doesn’t love a good kink or fetish? From the queer artist that brought you an adult coloring book full of erections, there is now a 2019 calendar featuring one of the sexiest features of a man: his feet! The Pointure 46 Male Feet Calendar for 2019 features men from around the world and their tootsies, all beautifully photographed and put together in an illustrious calendar. Martin Dzhachkov, the visionary artist who brought you the gay Knichki Pichki boner book’s new work, the Pointure 46 Male Feet Calendar (that he spent over a year creating) is a unique gift to give the gay guy in your life looking for something cheeky and different.

Don’t be basic this year for the guy in your life that you love. This holiday season, show support for the brands that show the LGBT community love. Avoid the malls and reduce holiday shopping stress by shopping online and getting it done right away. Get the love of your life some of the best gay-geared gifts available, all at the click of your mouse!


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