Gay TV Series to Watch in Fall 2023

Explore the must-watch gay TV series coming this fall. Dive into stories of love, identity, and resilience.

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This article was published on September 12th, 2023

In a world where representation is the cornerstone of acceptance and understanding, the presence of queer characters on our screens plays a pivotal role.

Television, for decades, has been a mirror reflecting society’s triumphs, struggles, and transitions. And within that scope, gay TV series have been an illuminating torch, showcasing the myriad of experiences that the LGBTQ+ community goes through while also normalizing conversations around love, acceptance, and identity.

Now more than ever, with the rise of streaming platforms and global media reach, the impact of these shows isn’t just confined to one region. They inspire conversations in living rooms across the world, foster understanding in communities, and often give solace to individuals searching for their own sense of identity and belonging. For many young LGBTQ+ individuals, these characters might be the first queer people they “meet,” making their role even more paramount.

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LGBTQ+ representation is declining on TV

However, the horizon isn’t all rosy. Over the past couple of years, there’s been an unsettling shift in the media landscape. While queer storylines once found their place in the limelight, there’s a palpable decrease in representation now.

Why, you ask?

Look no further than the policies knocking at our doors. A wave of anti-gay legislation has been sweeping across not just America but various parts of the globe. These laws, bolstered by conservative ideologies, threaten to push the queer community back into the shadows.

The rise in legislation seeking to undermine LGBTQ+ rights—whether it’s laws discriminating against queer individuals in the workplace or those targeting transgender youth—has created a culture of hesitation and fear in the media industry. No longer are channels and platforms clamoring to tell queer stories. Instead, they tread lightly, fearful of backlash or political consequences.

This is where GLAAD’s recent annual report comes into play, highlighting a staggering 6.4% drop in queer characters between June 2022 and May 2023. We could point fingers and place blame on networks like The CW, but that’s only part of the broader picture. With these challenges, it’s essential for us, the viewers, to support and amplify queer content wherever we can.

But, chin up! Despite these hurdles, there are still some fabulously gay shows coming our way, ready to sprinkle a bit of glitter on our screens. Let’s explore!

Gay TV series to watch this Autumn

While the broader media landscape may have its challenges, creativity and resilience shine through. This autumn, the leaves aren’t the only things turning shades of gold and crimson; our television screens are about to light up with a burst of queer brilliance. Prepare to cozy up with a blanket, grab your favorite snacks, and dive into these fabulous LGBTQ+ TV shows!

The Ultimatum: Queer Love

From the folks behind Love is Blind comes an emotional roller-coaster. We’re diving into the complicated world of female and non-binary couples being handed – you guessed it – ultimatums.

From commitment issues to cultural barriers, this is a reality series that might just make you cancel those Friday night plans. Netflix dropped this bombshell on 24 May 2023, but it’s still a more than worthy watch for the longer, colder nights that await us!

The Idol

Euphoria’s Sam Levinson and The Weeknd are about to take us behind the curtain of the pop music scene. With a backdrop of unrequited love, ambitious dreams, and cutthroat competition, expect love triangles and dramatic confrontations. And with Lily-Rose Depp at the helm, we’re in for a ride. HBO’s first aired this on 4th of June 2023.


A coming-of-age series with a twist. We see our protagonist, a gender non-conforming recent grad, land a job at a cosmetics company owned by Kim Cattrall’s character. Expect workplace drama, navigating identity, and some serious makeup inspo! It hit Netflix on 22 June 2023.

Fellow Travellers

A time capsule into the days of McCarthyism and the AIDS epidemic. See love stories bloom under the radar, where a stolen glance could mean everything. It’s a heart-wrenching tale of love, betrayal, and resilience, capturing a tumultuous time for the queer community. Look out for this on Paramount+ and Showtime.

Kaiser Karl

Step into the glamorous (and chaotic) world of fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld. Set amidst the Parisian fashion scene of the 1970s, watch Lagerfeld rise, challenge norms, and engage in a love triangle that could define or destroy him. A tale of passion, design, and ambition airing soon on Disney+.

Kristen Stewart’s ghost-hunting extravaganza

Combining the eerie with the endearing, Stewart leads a team of queer ghost hunters solving mysteries and navigating personal demons. The haunted locations? Stunning. The emotional confrontations? Even more so. A perfect Halloween treat, so keep your eyes peeled!

Gen V

Think college drama meets superhero escapades. A group of queer uni students find out they have superpowers. While they’re dealing with exams, they’re also grappling with their newfound abilities and the responsibilities they bring. It’s X-Men meets Dear White People on Amazon Prime.


You’ve heard of painful breakups, but imagine being ditched after a decade-long relationship and navigating the dating world all over again. That’s the premise of “Uncoupled.” This light-hearted yet deeply touching series revolves around Michael, a gay man whose life takes an unexpected turn when his husband suddenly leaves him.

As he dusts off the cobwebs of singledom, we’re treated to a delightful mix of humor, heartbreak, and hope. It’s not just about finding a new partner but rediscovering oneself. If you’ve been yearning for a gay TV series that showcases the complexities of modern gay relationships, this one’s a must-watch.

Will you watch any of these LGBTQIA+ TV shows this fall?

As the amber leaves drift down and the nights grow cooler, there’s nothing quite like nestling into a comfy spot and indulging in some top-notch TV content.

Trust us, the series we’ve introduced above are the kind of gems that sparkle with authenticity, drama, and pure queer brilliance. But hey, the more the merrier, right? Maybe you’ve got another queer series you’re eager to start or a favorite that deserves another binge.

We want to hear from you!

Drop us a comment below with the series you’re most looking forward to, or share a hidden gem we might have missed. Because sharing is caring, and in the world of TV, there’s always room for one more fabulous recommendation.

Happy watching!

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