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This article was published on October 6th, 2016

Las Vegas has, over the years, meant many different things to many different people, these meanings mostly revolving around the taboo, the extreme, the indulgent and the wickedly delicious. Aptly acquiring the title of ‘city of sin’, Vegas is a dream vacation destination for people willing to dabble in the extreme and dip their toes in the city that has captured the attention of so many over the years.

Las Vegas strip

Of course, being a city of extremes and attracting the attention of those whose interests lay outside the social and socially acceptable norms, it has, for many years, been a city which celebrates its LGBT community and all the fabulous and glamorous benefits that go alongside our wonderful selves. For those of you lucky enough to be venturing to Las Vegas in the near future, here is our breakdown of what is going on in gay Vegas at the moment that you simply cannot miss.

Temptation Sunday's pool party at the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas.

Temptation Sunday’s pool party Every Sunday, May through September, be sure to hit the hottest and only gay pool party in Vegas at the best LGBT hotel on the strip. The Temptation Sunday’s pool party at the Luxor Hotel is a staple for every summer gaycation in Las Vegas.

Senior Frog’s Sunday Drag Brunch Drag show, brunch, mimosas, Vegas. Need we say more?

Staple nightlife options Piranha Night Club is still a solid choice for a night out of dancing, and a new nightclub, Revolt, opened at the end of September on the Las Vegas strip. Other local staples including Charlies, the Garage, Flex Cocktail Lounge, Badlands, and Goodtimes, are options for chill places to head for a casual cocktail with a group of friends, meet the locals, and those in the gay Vegas know.

Be aware that you cannot take your drinks from bar-to-bar when you are off the Las Vegas strip.

Renovation of Share The baby of the Las Vegas nightclub scene, open since 2011, garnered the attention of the gay community by hosting iconic acts, events, DJ’s, and performances. The club left people surprised by its sudden closure in the late spring 2016. However, Share is rumoured to be coming back bigger and better than ever, and it’s reopening is eagerly anticipated by the local LGBT party community with promises of an even greater party venue.

Fruit Loop Vegas caters to absolutely everybody and as such has an LGBT scene to match. The excellently named Fruit Loop is a cluster of gay dive bars. Think of chain smoking, slot / billiard / arcade playing, local dive bars, rather than places of glitz, glamour, and dancing. Don’t be fooled, these are great places to get off the beaten path, mingle with true locals, and experience a very different side of gay Vegas.

Don’t plan on it If you watch the hit TV  show, Bar Rescue, and remember the episode with Gipsy, a gay nightclub in Las Vegas that was completely renovated and relaunched by the world-famous bar rescuer, John Taffer, don’t bother planning to go; the owner closed the bar shortly after relaunch.

Matinee Las Vegas

Matinee Thousands of incredibly hot gay men invade Sin City over the Memorial Day long weekend to attend Matinee Las Vegas. Over the course of the weekend, nine signature events feature incredible music from some of the hottest DJ’s in the gay music scene. It is an epic non-stop weekend of sun and fun.

Sin City Shootout Held in mid January, the Sin City Shootout sports festival is the largest annual LGBT sporting event in the world. With the core value of providing the athlete with the best event on and off the field, Sin City continues its growth till all LGBT athletes have a safe and fun place to compete.

Vegas Pride October 16 – 22, 2016 will see Pride surge through the streets of Vegas, as you can imagine and as with anything in Vegas, it is sure to be more extravagant, louder, wilder and bursting with more pride than one could possible imagine!

Relocation of the porn industry The State of California has been trying to put stronger regulations on the adult entertainment industry, and has been for years. With Prop 60 a real threat, it is hardly surprising that many studios from the adult film industry are upping and moving from California over to the less regulated and more open-minded Las Vegas area. Keep your eyes peeled for the chance to spot some of your favourites from the adult entertainment industry, as the original city of sin becomes that little bit more sinful!

The Luxor Hotel and Casino Resort in Las Vegas

Stay with the gays If you’re planning a vacation to Las Vegas, the Luxor is one of the most gay-friendly hotels and offers LGBT vacation specials.

Las Vegas has long been a calling point and a hub for those who don’t fit into the normal and restrictive guidelines set by society. It has always lived up to its name by not only accepting these people, but revelling in all their diversity and the fascinating array of difference they bring to the table. It is this that makes Vegas one of the greatest gay vacation destinations in the world and because of this that you should visit.

What else is happening in gay Vegas? Leave your ideas and suggestions in the comments below.

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