Gear up for Folsom weekend

Ideas of fun, kinky accessories from The Stockroom to help you gear up for Folsom weekend.

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This article was published on September 5th, 2018

While there might be a theme or dress code to every event you attend, one festival in particular makes you want to adhere to the specifications. Folsom Street Fair is legendary and the largest leather festival in the world. Held in San Francisco every September, Folsom is a party where you don’t want to show up overdressed, but you do want to try and stay in the spectrum of something leather or fetish material and sexy. It’s ok if you don’t own any leather or have any clue where to start piecing together a Folsom-appropriate ensemble. Homoculture and The Stockroom have your back. You don’t need to have a rubber suit to look great during Folsom weekend. With the right accessories, you can Folsom-ify any outfit into something fitting for the weekend. Here are some great ideas of fun, kinky accessories from The Stockroom to help you gear up for Folsom weekend.

Gauntlets: Gauntlets are sexy leather wrist cuffs designed to make your arms pop. You’ll feel sexy and powerful in these lace-up leather arm pieces. Ready to conquer a small island gladiator warrior or charge into Folsom full on, gauntlets are fun, sexy, and an easy addition to any outfit that won’t get in your way.

Gear up for Folsom weekend - The Stockroom gauntlets

Gloves: Vampire gloves are a fun and cute leather accessory to have with a kinky twist. Whether you’re wearing them as a simple accessory or being locked into them by you master, vampire gloves disable the wearer from being able do a whole lot other than be submissive to their dom: perfect for chastity play.

Gear up for Folsom weekend - The Stockroom leather gloves

Latex wrist wallet: The latex wrist walletis for those looking to dip their toes into the proverbial leather pond without getting their feet too wet. Like a normal gauntlet, the latex wallet snaps onto your arm or wrist via buttons and has wallet compartments for holding your money. The latex wrist wallet is also a great accessory if your outfit contains little to no pocket room.

Gear up for Folsom weekend - latex wrist wallet

Collar: For the inner slut puppy in us all, this collar made exclusively by The Stockroom is a cute leather choker collar with non-sharp spikes on it. A ring at the front provides the perfect loop to latch a leash or rope onto. If you’re looking to be owned or just a spicy accessory practically made for Folsom, check out the collar. And if you’re going to get the collar…

Gear up for Folsom weekend - The Stockroom leather collar

Leash: …You might as well get the leash. A master’s dream, this 4-foot leather leash is great for whipping, spanking, or latching onto the collar of a pup you want to train. Wear it Indiana Jones style around your waste, or hold onto the handle as your escorting your new boy throughout the festival. Claim your property with this leash.

Gear up for Folsom weekend - The Stockroom leather leash

Blindfold: The adjustable aviator style blindfold is another Stockroom exclusive with a patented design. This blindfold is made of leather and has two 3-inch eye patches that are covered in fleece for your eyes’ protection and to block out any vision. An adjustable strap means you can secure it to your head and really keep out the light. An even kinkier twist is the lockable buckle in the back of the blindfold, perfect for being dominated and controlled.

Gear up for Folsom weekend - The Stockroom leather blindfold

These are all accessories that can be incorporated into your adult toy box and be re-used at other fetish events, circuit parties, and fun events. With these accessories, you will make your ultimate Folsom weekend outfit pop – they can be mixed and matched, worn together, or combined with other gear you already own. Gear up and take San Francisco by storm. Get ready Folsom, because… HERE. YOU. COME!


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