Give your home a thorough spring clean before the end of the pandemic

While you have the time, do one last big clean before the lockdowns come to an end

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This article was published on June 12th, 2021

How often do you clean your house? Oh, wait. When was the last time you gave your home a deep clean? Sure, your house could be tidy but is it clean? Cleaning your house goes beyond taking out the trash, doing the dishes, putting away laundry, and mopping the floor. Those should already be part of your regular cleaning routine.

While you have the time, do one last big clean before the lockdowns come to an end, and things start to return to a new normal. Soon, travel will resume, events will return, and the commute to office life will resume. 

Before all that happens, take advantage of the opportunity, and do one thorough clean of your entire home. Make it your big spring clean. It’s a great way to remove dust, pollen, and other allergens from your home so that you can breathe easier.

Here are a few ways to go about it:

Clean all your floors

Cleaning floors is not always plain sailing, and most of us are guilty of doing a sub-par job as far as it is concerned. Getting the correct technique will, however, give you the squeaky-clean results that you so desire. 

You’ll first need to vacuum the floor(s), including behind and below beds, couches, desks, and other furniture. This will help get rid of all dust particles, pollen, and other allergens. Remember, different vacuums suit different types of floors, so ensure you pick the right vacuum. 

Once you are done with vacuuming, proceed to thoroughly clean and sanitize the surface using a damp sponge mop for best results. For the tiled floors in the bathroom, use a mix of vinegar and warm water to give it a sparkling look.

Clear out your closet 

There’s no body shaming here – we love you for exactly who you are. However, let’s face it, a good number of us have gained a few pounds during the pandemic, which only means one thing — it’s time to make a few changes to your closet. Are you struggling to get your jeans on, or does your shirt have gaping holes between buttons? It’s time to sort through what is and isn’t working for your body. 

Decluttering your closet is simple. Take out all your clothes, vacuum the cupboards, drawers, racks, and the floor, and wipe down the cabinets. Then, do a quick purge of the clothes you do not need, which you can donate to charity. Put the clothes back in the closet and organize them into categories, i.e. t-shirts, trousers, long sleeves, jackets. 

Place the most worn attire in front because no one wants to spend a considerable chunk of his time in the morning wondering what to wear to work.

Organize your junk drawer

When organizing your junk drawer, every item needs to earn its keep. Unfortunately, many things end up in a junk drawer, and some do not even serve a purpose. In other cases, these objects take up valuable space when they could be relocated elsewhere.

Think of those screwdrivers in your kitchen drawer that could be better off in the garage or the stationery items in your coffee table that should be in your kids’ homework area. As you declutter these items, ensure you duly relocate them and put them in categories for easier access.

Wash the windows and mirrors 

Cleaning windows and mirrors occasionally is essential in allowing natural light to your space, making you feel connected to the outdoors. However, cleaning these surfaces can be nagging as most windows and mirrors end up with residues that appear as streaks.

However, the one quick fix that people trust is using a microfiber cloth. A soft, clean microfiber cloth will ensure you get a streak and lint shine on your windows and mirrors. First, spray the cleaning solution on the surface, then wipe it in one direction with the microfiber cloth.

Vacuum carpets, area rugs, lampshades, upholstery, and other soft surfaces

Dust, germs, pet hair and other allergen are not only found on floors, as pointed out earlier. There are plenty of different surfaces that could do with a good vacuum but are often neglected. This includes lampshades, upholstery, area rugs, blinds, and curtains.

Speaking of vacuuming, if you can’t stand dragging that heavy cylinder vacuum around the room in the name of house cleaning, there’s a solution for you. Say goodbye to big, corded vacuums by checking out the new Dyson cordless vacuums. Two new models are now available in Canada, the Dyson V15 Detect™ Total Clean and the Dyson Omni-glide™

Dyson V15 Detect™ Total Clean

This is the most powerful and intelligent vacuum yet, capable of illuminating dust particles with its new laser dust detection technology and sensing, sizing, and removing microscopic dust for scientific proof of a deep clean. Some of its features include:

  • Laser dust detection: illuminates dust particles invisible to the eye, with a precisely-angled green laser integrated into a Fluffy cleaner head – so you don’t miss a thing. This laser is safe for humans and pets. 
  • Measures and reacts: using the Acoustic Dust Sensing technology, it measures microscopic dust particles and displays the size and number on the LCD screen. The piezo sensor is then able to increase suction power across different floors, and dust amounts automatically.  

The Dyson V15 Detect Total Clean is available in Dyson Demo Stores in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary and online at for $949.99 CAD. 

Dyson Omni-glide™

The Dyson Omni-glide™ introduces a brand-new way to clean with its innovative omnidirectional cleaner head that effortlessly glides in all directions, picking up small and large debris along the way. 

  • Glides effortlessly in all directions: Floats and maneuvers around obstacles using the omnidirectional soft roller cleaner head, which has two motorized soft rollers to pick up everything from large debris to fine particles on hard floors. Easily moves forwards, backwards and even sideways.  
  • Reaches further under furniture: A new in-line format allows the machine to lay flat on the floor, so it’s easy to clean under low furniture.  

It is available in Dyson Demo Stores in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary and online at for $499.99 CAD.

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