Global Black Pride 2021: What About Us

Global Black Pride proudly announces the second edition of Global Black Pride will take place on Friday, June 18, 2021.

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This article was published on May 22nd, 2021

Global Black Pride is the first ever and sole global Pride event that brings together the Black LGBTQI+ communities worldwide to celebrate culture, diversity, and provide a safe space for activists and community-based organizations across the four corners of the earth to engage and reflect. Global Black was founded by Global Black Gay Men Connect (GBGBC) in partnership with community-based organizations around the world.

The impetus for GBGMC began in 2018 with a strategy plan process that continues to take shape as the organization figures out what the future holds. The commitment is to ensure that people of color have a say in the process and there is a plan on how to execute the process moving forward:

One of the first points is to build upon the first successful year of global Black Pride in 2020, which attracted more than 1 million viewers and included headliners Billy Porter and Kalen Allen. After the success of last year, GBGMC is excited to take the event to the next level in 2021 to celebrate – virtually, the community, culture, and diversity that lies within the Black LGBTQI movement to every corner of the world. As the largest gathering for people of color worldwide, GBGMC is intent to use the platform to honor the courage and persistence of these communities in the face of adversity in what has been an especially difficult year.

2021’s Theme: What About Us

The theme for this year focuses on the frustration and disappointment of how the Black queer community continues to be left behind. In 2020, the record for trans and gender nonconforming individuals rose significantly, with more than 40 murdered in the United States and many more around the world. These numbers, also coupled with disproportionately higher HIV and COVID-19 rates demonstrate the depths of how the Black LGBTQI community is affected. The GBGMC continues to demand inclusion through economic relief packages worldwide and vows to fight for freedom of expression across the globe. There is an affirmation for the lives of Black queer and trans folks, and Black LGBQI immigrants. The GBGMC stands for all Black LGBQI community-based organizations everywhere in the world. 

Going Beyond the Theme, Leading with Intent

Global Black Pride is for Black people by Black people, and the space was created to celebrate, affirm, and connect from within. To support the movement, the GBGMC has produced the Global Black Pride Document to report and respond to human rights violations and police brutality of Black gay communities. By gathering community led evidence to challenge inequalities, the GBGMC acts as a more effective advocate for the Black queer people. 

Additionally, we document, report, and respond to abuses on Black gay men around the world, including police brutality, killing and executions, unequal treatment, torture, domestic violence, child abuse, discrimination in health and employment and housing, and denial of family rights and recognition. As advocates for human right centered HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment product and services, the GBGMC works with global partners by holding researchers, donors, and pharmaceuticals accountable. Other areas of the mission statement include:

  • Advocating for increased funding from the U.S. government and other international governments
  • Prevention and treatment research literacy
  • Build a community of expert to engage in vaccine trails including HIV and COVID-19 vaccines
  • Build a community of expert to engage in PEPFAR and Global Fund mechanisms
  • Advocate for structural interventions

Supporting the GBGMC Agenda

To provide support for Black LGBTQI artists set to perform at the Global Black Pride, the GBGMC is setting up a fund that will be distributed to artists and speakers participating in the event for 2021. It more important than ever before to offer financial assistance to Black artists worldwide who have been struck hard by the effects of the COVID-19 crisis. To donate to the Pride 2021 Artist Fund, donate here

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