Go ahead, be the pig that you are

You walk into a dimly lit room. The odour is familiar but more pungent than you’re used to – cum, sweat, and something you can’t quite put your finger on. […]

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This article was published on December 9th, 2015

Go ahead, be the pig that you are

You walk into a dimly lit room. The odour is familiar but more pungent than you’re used to – cum, sweat, and something you can’t quite put your finger on. Flesh surrounds you. Smooth, hairy, muscular, bouncy. Bodies writhe as music pounds your ear drums. You’ve entered a pig party.

A “pig” in the gay community is usually defined as a man who enjoys the more fringe and extreme flavors of sex: leather, latex, fetish, BDSM, orgies, etc. And there are sex parties just for pigs. In smaller urban areas, these are usually private, invite-only parties hosted by one or more guys. However, in larger cities with a significant gay population, these are often bigger events that are advertised in the gay community: think the regular Bay of Pigs parties that go on in San Francisco. These parties will generally consist of a big room and maybe some smaller ones, filled with things to kneel or lay down on, maybe some slings, and other things you need for having sex on.

Pig parties aren’t for everyone – even if you just want to go to watch. It attracts a guy that is generally uninhibited in his sexuality, though everyone has some sort of limit. But if you’ve noticed your sex life getting more and more wild, it’s a party you need to go and try out. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of a good pig party.

Supplies. You’ll need to bring your own sex supplies. This will differ depending on what you want to get into – lubricant, cock ring (if you’re a top or vers), poppers (even a nice treat to share with someone you’re fucking if you’re a top), and maybe some toys for people to use on you or to use on others (dildos, butt plugs, flogging implements, etc.). You may also want to have some sanitary wipes to clean up yourself at some point. A small shoulder bag that you can sling over your shoulder comes in handy for carrying some of the smaller items.

Clothing. There’s a clothes check at these events so you can wear as much or as little as you’d like. Regular clothing is usually pointless – unless you don’t mind your nice pair of jeans getting mucky on the ground around your knees, it’s best to check these. A bottom will often wear a jock strap or something similar that allows easy access to his hole. Tops, well, just make sure it’s something that provides easy access to your cock – something with an opening in the underwear is ideal. Of course, you’re free to wear absolutely nothing which makes things much easier. However, do wear footwear – and if it’s a crowded party, it’s best not to wear flip flops so your feet don’t get trampled on.

Fetish gear. Leather, latex, wrestling, whips, nipple clamps, you name it. You’ll often find all this at a pig party unless there’s a specific theme. You’ll see plenty of leather harnesses, sneakers, etc. So whatever your fetish is, this is the place you can safely display it without getting judged.

Condoms. What? Okay, as one guy once said after a pig party – “those condom buckets must be bottomless. They’ve stayed full all night and I’ve never seen anyone fill them back up.” Condoms are a rarity at pig parties, though some people do use them. However, most of the guys there won’t want one anywhere near them. So if you’re squeamish about STIs, a pig party might not be for you. Consider trying to get pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV before going, if you’re HIV-negative, and some people take antibiotics beforehand to ward off certain other STIs, though this is not commonly recommended by doctors.

No pretentiousness. Pig parties attract all sorts of guys: the chubby and the muscular, the old and the young, the hairy and the hairless, black and white. If you’re looking for a party with only your ideal type of guy, you’d better go to a private party or organize one yourself. Don’t get grossed out if someone rubs up against you who isn’t your type. Firstly, the space will generally be tight so that’s bound to happen. Secondly, if you’re not interested, a polite no thank you will suffice. However, consent still governs here and if someone won’t leave you alone, feel free to speak to security – they’re there for that purpose.

Consent. Consent is murky at a pig party. Some guys will just kneel there with their bums in the air waiting for someone to plough them. Often these guys don’t want to talk. In fact, most initiation is done through non-verbal means. Touch a guy you’re interested in, maybe focusing on the body part you’re interested in (cock or bum), and judge his reaction to see if he has an interest – a lack of reaction usually means no. However, in all cases, it’s better safe than sorry.

Be a sport. Not everyone there will be your type and this is an opportunity to branch out a little. Often there’s so much sexual energy in the air that you’ll enjoy playing with someone you wouldn’t normally be into. Even if you don’t want to have sex with them, you can still be friendly, maybe kiss them, touch them, or involve them somehow. Maybe you’re fucking the man of your dreams and someone you’re not interested in is watching – invite him to stand behind you and play with your nipples or balls to add that extra spice to your fucking.

Drugs and alcohol. Alcohol is sometimes served at these events and many guys will do drugs. If you’re prone to overconsuming either of these things, make sure you go with a trusted friend who can keep an eye out for you and make sure you come home safely.

Most of all, have fun. Enjoy the naked men around you, fulfill your sexual desires, and leave once you’re certain you’ve had enough. And don’t forget, stay hydrated.

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