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Become a guru of regifting with these tips to see you through the holiday season!

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This article was published on December 8th, 2020

Let’s be blunt: sometimes, you just don’t want what Santa left under your tree! If you’ve been bestowed a package of pathetic, find some innovative ways to re-gift without feeling guilty. HomoCulture has some suggestions on how you can re-purpose that package with pride!

To Regift Or Not To Regift?

Don’t even fret over this question for long because of course it’s perfectly fine to regift. Because isn’t it better to have a package than none at all? Why this question is asked so often during the Christmas season still makes no sense as there is always someone that could use or want what you’re handing out. The trick is to find out who those people are. This is where HomoCulture comes in with a clear mission: to ensure that your gifts are winners instead of clunkers with these quintessential rules of engagement!

Make It Make Sense

Of course, re-gifting is one way in which to save money and remove things you deem unnecessary from your life, but that definitely does not mean the gift you pass on shouldn’t make sense to the person receiving it. As a general rule, you should only regift presents that you would have gone out and purchased if you’d had the time and money. Most importantly, it should be of use. Sometimes, another person’s trash isn’t treasure – it’s just trash. 

Avoid This Ultimate Regifting Pitfall

This should go without saying, but there may be some out there that may try to press their luck, so here goes. Do not re-gift gifts that you have received from the most meaningful people in your life. If your favorite uncle gifted you with a scarf and sweater combo that are not exactly your style, you should keep it stashed in the back of your closet and take it out for those family gatherings to let him know you really care, instead of re-gifting it to one of your college classmates. This is the compromise we must make sometimes to keep the peace. 

Do Not Regift Within Your Inner Circle

Unless you are trying to ruin and/or end a relationship, the best gift you can give to yourself is to not re-gift to your core group of friends. You can already see where this may lead should those gifts you think you are being so sly about regifting end up suspiciously called out by someone else. Not only could this rock the boat of your relationship, but you might end up being labeled a re-gifting grifter. Don’t be that type!

Regift Sooner

Some gifts may come with an expiration date that means recycling them sooner as opposed to later. That goes for baked goods, certain drinks, and cheeses, etc. For the gifts that are not edible, you still may want to keep a timeline on them as trends can come and go at the drop of a hat. 

Regift in Moderation

If you discover that over time that you are turning into the type of person that re-gifts more than what is considered acceptable, then you really need to check yourself and ask yourself what your true intentions are and make a shift in your mentality. Regifting is an art form that should be respected for what it is and if you cannot do it properly, then you will end up being labeled cheap, tacky, and tawdry – and who wants that?!

Re-Wrap Before You Regift

There is no reason whatsoever that the gift you are recycling cannot be at least re-wrapped for the person you are re-directing it to. The first reason you should re-wrap it is because you never know what can be inside the original packaging and how it could potentially offend the person it was regifted towards. Secondly, by re-wrapping it, the gift takes on a whole new layer of freshness that leaves a nice personal touch that will be appreciated. 

You Got This

Regifting can be as classy or as tacky as you decide to make it. The power of the action lies entirely within your hands, so to quote one of our favorite divas – don’t fuck it up!

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