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Essential tips for maintaining your hygiene.

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This article was published on March 25th, 2017

Personal grooming is important. It represents who you are. With some basic care and attention, you can go from basic to beauty in no time. You just need to put in an effort and some ensure maintenance along the way. Here’s what you need to take care of business and to go from hygienic hot mess to best in show groomed in no time.

Fresh Fade

Let’s start with the basics: that hair. Weather you’ve got Farah locks of love or you’re balder than the Rockies, coifs are important and need to be maintained. Treat yourself to a haircut every four weeks. The clean look is good look. Hair is often your trademark, so respect it with the same care you would one of your most important assets. Treat your hair with oil and conditionals that are essential, while avoid dying and blow drying, which are harsh and strip your hair of its natural resources.

Man tweezing eyebrows

Now for the main event: It’s all about that face, Meghan Trainer. This is your best asset, and like any work of art, it takes a lot to create and maintain that masterpiece. Start with the hair on your face. If you wear a beard, keep it tight and keep it trimmed. Beards are sexy, but the Rip Van Winkle look is very outdated, and frankly, kind of gross. Wax, pluck, or get your eyebrows threaded. Good looking, masculine eyebrows make your eyes pop and show that you take care of yourself. Trim your nose and ear hair. Use a cleanser every night before bed to reduce acne and have brighter skin, and have a clay mask once a week to clear pores. Exfoliate, on a different day, to remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate skin.

Grooming in the shower

Lastly, it’s about that body-ody-ody. Have body hair, think about trimming it down a bit. Body hair is sexy and the epitome of masculinity, but a Schwarzwald all over your body, especially your pubic region, isn’t cute. So, start with the pubes to get rid of that Jungle Book and make sure your member stands tall on a field of grass, not weeds. Manscaping is our friend. Get a manicure at least once every two weeks. An express is good if done bi-weekly. Everyone looks at your hands, and a nice basic manicure goes a long way in looking professional and kept. Drink a bottle of water a day to flush your body: it is good for your skin, health, and body. Workout more. Finally, skip sweets and deep fried foods, avoiding these two alone will do wonders.


Proper grooming isn’t difficult. It just takes a bit of extra time a day to really give yourself some good maintenance. Start with the basics like drinking more water and getting that haircut every few weeks. You’ll be going from messy to perfection in no time.


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