How JJ Malibu Became A Global Gay Apparel Phenomenon [CONTEST]

HomoCulture looks at the one of the leading brands of gay apparel and goes behind the scenes with its founder, Jed Jin.

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This article was published on June 21st, 2021

The JJ Malibu Mantra

Over the past five years, JJ Malibu has expanded to become a global phenomenon as a top underwear and lifestyle brand. Their clothing is designed for gay men from all walks of life, no matter where their personal style aesthetic lies. JJ Malibu’s vision meshes seamlessly with queer audiences, and a testament to their tremendous success is evident in where it has already been featured, in particular on RuPaul’s Drag Race, where the brand has been worn by contestants on the show. 

The JJ Malibu Mantra

JJ Malibu founder, Jed Jin, has been hands on since the beginning, to create comfortable, affordable, sustainable, and hot AF gear queer community loves.

With a singular focus and intent, JJ Malibu operates on the idea that queer people are fun and want to embrace vibrant, quirky apparel that celebrates all gay men from all walks of life from the stay-at-home gamer to the circuit queen and everyone in between. Few brands in the world actively engage the gay market, and JJ Malibu has created a brand that resonates with members of the community around the world.

Currently shipping globally to over 140 countries, JJ Malibu has been a favorite of several LGBTQ+ celebrities, including Shangela Laquifa Wadley, Rudy Bundini, and more. The brand has also collaborated and clothed members of the Pit Crew, as well as gifting prizes for many of the challenges on the show and its spin-off, RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars. As a sponsor of the largest LGBTQ+ party in Asia, Bangkok White Party, JJ Malibu is responsible for one of the biggest gatherings for the queer community in the world. 

The label has big plans in store for the future, with goals to become a household name and in the wardrobes of every member of the LGBTQ+ community. JJ Malibu stresses the importance of gay culture on the fashion scene and is intent on ensuring the community receives the credit it deserves for its groundbreaking designs. 

In an exclusive interview with HomoCulture, founder and owner Jed Jin provided insight into the brand, its initiatives, and what’s in store for the future of the company.

The Q&A

What was Jed’s inspiration for wanting to create a clothing brand targeted to the queer community?

JJ Malibu founder, Jed Jin, getting ready to send out stacks of orders from their first office.

It all happened organically. After seeing how our first brand Jed North was well received by people from all walks of life, particularly by some of my gay friends, I thought it’d be interesting to test how much demand it was out there.

Much to our surprise, our trial graphic tank tops flew off the shelves in a few days and that had led to the creation of JJ Malibu. 

We needed a name and a logo asap, so I used my initials JJ and the name of the condo I was living at that time – Malibu of Toronto at Lakeshore.

Pineapple came naturally because it’s my favorite pizza topping – people rolling their eyes? too controversial? exactly! 

Gay men take fashion incredibly seriously, especially when out in the social scene. How was JJ Malibu able to cut through the clutter and breakthrough as a trendsetting, go getting, fashion outlet that the gays gag over?

Comfort, affordability, sustainability and of course, looking hot AF. Every single design we put out is tested for wear and tear, fitting and sizing, multiple wash cycles, etc.; thanks to that rigorous internal quality control process we are confident that every single piece we ship out from our warehouse satisfies. Moreover, we don’t believe that clothing should cost an arm and a leg and be inaccessible to everyone regardless of age or income. 

We save resources on faster yet more efficient international logistics routes by collaborating with similar brands, we accept returns and exchanges even after 30 days, no questions asked, and most importantly, we hear you – we read every comment you post, we listen to your likes and dislikes, we hear your dissatisfactions and always try to rectify.

As the company grew, JJ Malibu moved into a larger space, ready to take on the growing demand the gay community was thirsting after.

How has JJ Malibu been able to set itself apart from the competition? So many brands come and go, but JJ Malibu has powered through in five short years, staying relevant and revered by many segments of the gay community – from the small-town gay, the boy next door, the circuit gays, and the drag-obsessed gays – everyone knows and wants to be seen wearing JJ Malibu. Why?!

Jed Jin proudly stands in the company’s current warehouse, which is stacked with JJ Malibu underwear and fashion, ready to ship to queer people all around the world.

Ideas are cheap; execution is key. I don’t necessarily think we have ground-breaking business ideas or clothing designs at JJ Malibu.

Nonetheless, we have an amazing team of dedicated marketing professionals and their impeccable execution of some of the most difficult and complex marketing campaigns and projects – that’s what sets us apart.

Each one of us represents a different perspective, and each one of us carries with us our own unique gay experiences.

What’s special about JJ Malibu is its laser focus on teamwork and Innovation. As a team, we have some of the best copywriters, graphic designers, digital marketers in the industry and when all join forces our collective commitment makes JJ Malibu a powerhouse.

To Check out the brand’s latest collection and new arrivals, look here.


Enter now for a chance to win a $100USD JJ Malibu gift card! To enter this contest, leave a comment below with which JJ Malibu item(s) you want to add to your wardrobe to showcase your personal style.  

Contest closes at 5:00pm PST, Friday, July 2, 2021. One random drawn winner will be notified on or before Monday, July 5, 2021. Read the complete contest rules.


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  1. Damian

    Ohhh what don’t I want. The Baewatch Bikini in beige (or any colour really), the mesh thong, the Daddy Joggers, every colour of the try out shorts and the orange compression shapeware 😍 and every brief and anything mesh 🙂 hehe. I want it all 🙂

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    Sadly, for quite a while I have been self conscious about “showing off my body” especially regarding my under pants area with sexy underwear! JJ Malibu has such gorgeous looking underwear, and it’s a goal to be confident enough to wear even just the jockstrap (fire red is my fave). I think the black and red mesh jockstrap is my ultimate fave, but would be good to try any!😉

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    We love JJ Malibu in our house 😈
    Definitely would add some of the Try Out short shorts and a few of the Bae Watch Swim Briefs for the hot summer coming up. 🥵😉