How to trick your body into losing weight

5 easy tips to help you lose weight.

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This article was published on October 24th, 2018

The topic of body expectations in the gay community has been covered so many times. All of them, however, jump to the conclusion that you have to be satisfied with your body and not pay attention to the things people say, but what if you just want to lose some weight but don’t know how? There definitely are people who are skinny or slim, but simply have some extra couple of pounds, and if they want to lose them, they have to undergo a diet or hit the gym to do a HIIT session, but there are easier ways to trick your body into losing some weight. Prepare reminders on your phone, write down the following 5 tips, and watch how you’re becoming slimmer and slimmer by the day.

How to trick your body into losing weight

  1. Cut your meals in half

You might have the problem of eating everything from your plate even when you’re full, which is a terrible mistake. Other people constantly count calories, but if you’re not one of those, there’s a pretty simple solution how to eat less. Once you get your meal, cut it in half, and eat one half of your portion. Once you’re done with that, take a couple of minutes off and see for yourself if you’re still hungry or not.

On the other hand, a Cornell University study showed that people eat less when they eat under a dim light, as opposed to those who eat with all the lights turned on. Even though the difference in eating is not quite big (you will approximately take in 175 calories less with dim lights), it’s definitely worth giving it a go.

  1. Drink smoothies

A great substitute for a mid-day snack might be a good fruit or vegetable smoothie, and it’s advisable to drink at least one a day. This could be an ideal option for breakfast once you get up – find a smoothie recipe online and there you go, just bear in mind that you cut on juices. Fruit juices that many put in smoothies are full of sugar which is definitely not good for your goal to lose some weight. If you want the perfect smoothie, take fresh fruit or vegetables, mix them with protein powder, add water and ice and you have yourself a healthy snack.

  1. Opt for healthier foods

Speaking of food, perhaps now is the time to ban chips and other junk snacks from your life. Apart from smoothies, you can always turn to almonds or raisins, for example, because they are extremely healthy and low in calories. However, if you like having cookies in the afternoon, you can get some amazing organic food online, just make sure it’s made with healthy and organic ingredients. If you like to keep your diet organic and you have a sweet tooth at the same time, this could be a great option.

  1. Mix exercises

If you’re going to the gym, then perhaps you don’t need this article, but there are people who don’t have time to go to the gym, are scared of doing so because they’re newbies, or the most popular – you go to the gym to watch handsome dudes working out. Be as it may, if you want to lose some weight by exercising, the best idea would be to mix exercises and work different muscle groups at the same time. Even if you don’t want to go to the gym, there are great exercises that you can do at home – just allocate an hour two or three times a week, equip yourself with good supplements and you’ll see results very soon.

  1. Say no to the elevator

Even though the elevator is probably one of the best inventions of the previous century, mainly because it makes our lives simpler and it’s another great place for you to do the hanky-panky with a boyfriend, it’s definitely not good for your figure. Unless you live in a skyscraper and live on the 20thfloor, you can easily say no to the elevator at least once or twice a day and work those leg muscles. You wouldn’t believe how many calories stair climbing burns.

As you can see, you don’t have to go under a rigid diet to lose some weight. The answer can be in the small things as well, so at least try some of these options and you will see it for yourself.

How to trick your body into losing weight

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