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The return of HustlaBall Las Vegas is the biggest talk this season amongst people who love amazing circuit parties. The world famous brand is coming back to Las Vegas after […]

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This article was published on December 7th, 2013

Dominic Pacifico HustlaBall Las VegasThe return of HustlaBall Las Vegas is the biggest talk this season amongst people who love amazing circuit parties. The world famous brand is coming back to Las Vegas after a five-year hiatus thanks to the vision of gay porn star and international DJ, Dominic Pacifico.

“I knew HustlaBall was here before and now that I’m based in Las Vegas I’m intrigued about brining back gay culture to this city,” explained Dominic Pacifico on what inspired him to consider reviving the event. “A lot of gay porn studios are moving here, so it makes sense. The main thing is bringing back something that was a tradition and seeing a lot of people from other HustlaBall events come together in Las Vegas.”

Dominic is the event producer of HustlaBall Las Vegas. He’s brought together a team of talented people to help put on the entire show.

The traditional HustlaBall events feature full erotic and nude performances by leading gay porn stars. For some, it’s very intimidating and there can be moments throughout the night that can feel scary.

Dominic is working hard to create an event that maintains the fundamentals of the other HustlaBall events, like having an amazing group of hot porn stars from a variety of genres, but to make his event fresh, fun, accessible and diverse.

“At the HustlaBall Las Vegas main event people can expect to see acrobats, contortionists, and BDSM performances,” said Dominic, explaining how his event will be unique and different. “We are working within a different realm of entertainment. The others are based upon a sexual show. We are going to give them something different. More playful and fantasy based.”

The main event will be held on Sunday, January 19 at Share Nightclub, just off the Las Vegas strip. It’s a two-story, three room venue that will offer event goers unique experiences throughout the night. There are general admin tickets, which get access to the main floor room and can see all the events on the main stage. Tickets can be upgraded to include bottle service, booths, and private cabanas.

The hottest and best deal is the VIP ticket.  VIP ticket holders get access to two events, the main event on Sunday, January 19 at Share Nightclub, but also a pre event at a private luxury suite on Saturday, January 18.

“VIP tickets are $175,” explains Dominic. “Tickets include the VIP pre party on Saturday at Caesars Palace, drinks, cocktails, food, live porn star entertainment, and access to the main event. They also get access to the VIP lounge, hosted and DJ’d by ChiChi Larue.” VIP ticket holders also get early entry to the Sunday night event at Share Nightclub.

“We are going within the law, but we are also doing a private show,” explains Dominic. By hosting a separate private party at a private luxury suite the organizers can offer VIP ticket holders the full HustlaBall experience they’ve come to know and expect, only in a private location. “You’re going to get a taste of New York, Berlin, and London – it’s going to be hardcore.”

Most of the porn stars and many of the entertainers who are performing Sunday night, including Brandon Jones, Jessie Colter, and Levi Karter, will be at the pre event party. It’s a great opportunity to meet and hang out with your favourite models in a close, intimate environment.

“There are hundreds of people that go to every single HustlaBall in every single city,” said Dominic, describing how the international event has a loyal group of followers, which will no doubt be coming to the Las Vegas event. “The diehard fans want more HustlaBall every year.”

Ticket sales are going extremely well. Since the event was announced six weeks ago already half of the VIP tickets have sold out and organizers say sales of the general admin tickets are brisk.

The gay scene in Las Vegas is slowly rebounding after the global recession. HustlaBall hopes to put Las Vegas back on the map and bring back exciting gay nightlife to the desert city. The same weekend is Sin City, a gay multi-sport event attracting over 8,000 people.

Get your tickets to HustlaBall Las Vegas now. Tickets start at $39 USD.

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