Keep that summer body all year long

Keep that hot summer body all year long by adhering to some basic rules of fitness.

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This article was published on September 1st, 2018

Summer is starting to wind down. Travel season is coming to an end. And soon, it’ll be time to get back into the ‘school year’, work, and life routine. Just because the warm months are beginning to merge into cooler days, doesn’t mean the end of summer should signify a change to your workout habits. Keep that hot summer body all year long by following these rules of fitness.

Keep that summer body all year long

  • Don’t wait for tomorrow or next week or even next month. Summer bodies are built throughout all 365 days. Start preparing now, to get into your autumn routine. The sooner you adhere to a routine, the more likely you are to stick with it and be successful.
  • Set new goals. Take your measurements as you are now, and then challenge yourself with a new set of wants and desires for your health and fitness. Some of the most successful people are those that constantly challenge themselves with new goals and wants.
  • Get going to bed earlier. The proverbial early bird gets the worm, and the sooner you go to bed, the sooner you’ll wake up. Early rising means more time in your day of daylight hours to really focus on the number one person in your life: you.
  • Hydration station. Drink more water. Your skin will look better, you’ll keep more weight off, your body will run better, and you’ll be looking younger than your coworkers by staying hydrated through accelerated water intake.
  • Book an appointment with your personal trainer. A professional trainer can tell you the right way to operate the machinery and point out various exercises that benefit multiple parts of the body. They are also great motivators in helping you do fitness right.
  • Buy new gym shorts and shirt to get you motivated. Sometimes a change of clothes or a new look is all you need to help you feel good about yourself. New gear for new fitness days can motivate you to want to sport your new looks. What better place to show off your new fitness gear than the gym?
  • Stock up on protein and supplements. Fitness experts will all agree in telling you that it’s all about what you eat. Keeping a readily available supply of protein and supplements in your pantry will mean you don’t have any excuses to eat right and better. You’ll have way more #gayns by sticking to a strictly protein and vegetable-based diet reinforced with protein and supplements.
  • Renew your gym and club memberships and make yourself go at least 4 times a week. You’ll never regret going to the gym and knowing that you’re able to go whenever you want is part of the battle. Keep those memberships ready to go so you’ll never have an excuse not to workout.
  • Sign up for fall sports leagues. Fitness shouldn’t be mundane and should be fun. An adult sports league can serve as that extra-curricular of fun and bonus fitness that you need to stay fit and upbeat during the fall and winter months. Added bonus: you’ll meet new people, too.

Don’t ever stop wanting to better yourself and trying to achieve what you’ve always wanted: including the body of your dreams.

Keep that summer body all year long

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