Let the Gaymes Begin [contest]

Two brand new games, The Misery Insex and May Cause Side Effects are perfect to play when hosting your very own gaymes night

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This article was published on February 1st, 2020

Instead of the same old routine of going out to the gay bar for a night of drinking, it’s time to invite your friends over for a gay games night. It’s a great way to spend the evening with friends in a fun, social environment, and have them bring over their other friends so you can meet new people and grow your circle of friends. Gaymes nights are fun and full of laughs. If you are new to hosting a gaymes night, or are just starting out, here are two brand new games, The Misery Index and May Cause Side Effects that are perfect to play when hosting your very own gaymes night.

Gays are always looking for the next best way kick up their heels and enjoy themselves. The ultimate resolution would be to loosen up and have more fun. Don’t let life pass you by! Embrace fun in the new year. Carve out time for friends and shenanigans in 2020 by hosting your own weekly games night.

No need to be basic and with silly board games and everyday charades. Fortunately for you, Games Adults Play is a company that designs games and hours of entertainment for those that are 18 years old and up. Two games that will “change your life and spice up every gathering,” May Cause Side Effects and The Misery Index are great new additions to your game night arsenal.

Charades with a twist might be the best way to describe May Cause Side Effects, the game where you have to act out words and then two different sets of physical ailing symptoms while doing it. It’s that extra bit of ridiculousness that will have your party guests howling with laughter through every game.

In The Misery Index, there are 200 cards, ranked 1-100, of unique but terribly awful scenarios and situations. In three rounds, players draw cards in an effort to guess which scenarios are deemed best to worst. Players win cards by correctly guessing in what position each of their miserable situation lies and what ranking of horrible each situation actually is to a panel of experts. The first person to collect 12 cards wins the game.

These two games will ensure hours of fun at any social gathering but save them especially for your first gayme night hosting. Your guests will walk away having spent an evening laughing their asses off and having a blast with The Misery Index and May Cause Side Effects.

The makers and producers of the best adult board game and game night activities, Games Adults Play is your main source for the best entertainment for your gayme night. With ample games to choose from, your night in with friends will never be a boring affair! In the words of Taylor Swift: Baby, let the games begin!

For your next gayme night, check out www.gamesadultsplay.com


HomoCulture readers can enter for a chance to win both May Cause Side Effects and The Misery Index. 

To enter, leave a comment below on what you like to do when hosting friends over for a gay games, gaymes, night. 

Contest closes at 5:00pm PST, Friday, February 14, 2020. One random drawn winner will be notified on or before Monday, February 17, 2020. Read the complete contest rules.

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6 thoughts on “Let the Gaymes Begin [contest]

  1. Vincent Jones

    It’s all about the laughs, and spending some quality time together! Of course, snacks and a drink or two always help, and these games will definitely add to the fun as well. Both sound great, but I’m most interested in ‘The Misery Index.’