LGBT Canadians to stand up and take action by drinking OneCoffee

OneCoffee is changing the way you drink coffee with their 100% biodegradable single-serve coffee pods.

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This article was published on February 24th, 2018

Do you depend on your daily cup of coffee every morning? Rely on a machine to whip up your desired drink in a moment’s notice? If you’re one of those who want to remain as socially and politically aware as possible, or if you care about making a difference or just don’t want to contribute to the decay of our planet and mankind, now is the time to switch to OneCoffee.

LGBT Canadians to stand up and take action by drinking OneCoffee

Just when LGBT folks thought our work was over, it really has just begun. In recent years, LGBT people have had to deal with fighting for civil and human rights, marriage equality, trans rights, LGBT refugee rights, bullying, accepting Johnny Weir as one of our own, even fashion faux-pas…and now…NOW gays have to turn to fight for the rights of our beautiful planet. Yes, that’s right, LGBT Canadians are being asked to take a stand, effective immediately, to only drink pod coffee made of 100% recyclable/combustible materials: OneCoffee coffee pods.

At a time when China is set to ban the import of plastics and Canada used an estimated 1.5 single-serve coffee pods in 2017 alone, environmental activists are turning to the higher ups in the gay community to lead the charge for a better planet from within our own living rooms and kitchens. OneCoffee is leading the charge with some of the first completely compostable single-serve coffee pods on the market.

LGBT Canadians to stand up and take action by drinking OneCoffee

OneCoffee began in 2013 as a single-serve coffee pod that was organic, fair trade, and 90% biodegradable. As of January 2018, OneCoffee has developed a 100% compostable certified single-serve coffee pod. These Keurig compatible coffee pods are a game changer in the already extremely wasteful coffee pod industry, and aim to take a blow at much of the waste caused by this somewhat new industry.

OneCoffee is also currently reaching out to local Canadian communities about starting composting facilities in their areas to reduce waste and increase local sustainability. OneCoffee is advocating for a composting solution as a means to use and reuse without hurting the environment. Made from plant resin and 100% biodegradable into organic materials, OneCoffee still provides an excellent standard of quality taste so that your coffee’s flavor is still rich and delicious.

LGBT Canadians to stand up and take action by drinking OneCoffee

OneCoffee pods are compatible with many single-serve coffee machines. OneCoffee is now available across Canada and can be ordered in the United States on Amazon.

LGBT Canadians, the fight is not over. It’s time we stand together, in solidarity, for the right to drink coffee made in biodegradable single-serve pods!

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