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“I’ve been asked to do porn since I was 18, but always said it was never for me,” said gay adult entertainer, Logan Moore, in a brand new, exclusive interview […]

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This article was published on December 23rd, 2015

Logan Moore HustlaBall Las Vegas 2016“I’ve been asked to do porn since I was 18, but always said it was never for me,” said gay adult entertainer, Logan Moore, in a brand new, exclusive interview with HomoCulture. “When I become older and I travelled around the world as a dancer, I got more experience in sex and life. I was asked a few times in between to do porn. After all these years I was curious and found it to be a hot idea to be in a porn movie. When I was 26 I said ‘try before you die’, and that’s how it all started.”

Despite being single because of other career priorities and a hectic work schedule, Logan Moore has enjoyed his successes within the industry. However, he does caution that it’s not as easy and as glamorous as people may believe.

“They think it is easy money,” said Logan Moore, describing the misconceptions people have about getting into the adult entertainment industry. “I can tell you it is one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever had. They aren’t the boss about their own body and work. After all, it’s your body and life, so you have the last option if you do something or not.”

That being said, if you are interested in getting into adult entertainment, Logan Moore offers this advice.

“Don’t start porn before you are 22,” Logan Moore tells HomoCulture. “You are too young. Maybe one day you will want to be a doctor or go into politics. After porn it might not be possible. Plus you need to know your body and skills. If you think you are ready, then think about your reason why. Is it only for fun? Then do what you want. Is it for money? Then it’s maybe fun for a while, but you don’t have a career in it. If you love doing it and want to have a porn career, then every movie, studio, model, and your look/career choice is very important. Porn isn’t just sex, but work, so act like it,”

Making smart decisions in your porn career is important. As it turns out, even Logan Moore wish he has known more about working in the porn industry when he was first starting out, because it turns out some early decisions ended up impacting his future work.

“One studio doesn’t want to work with me because I did a few bareback movies,” admitted Logan Moore. “But that’s it. I didn’t do much bareback, so I’m really know known as a bb model, but more as a safe model.”

An advocate for PrEP, Logan Moore firmly believes that it should be available to gay men to help reduce the risk of HIV and potentially help put an end to the virus in the western world.

Another important factor Logan Moore takes seriously as an adult entertainment actor is his physical appearance, which, if you’ve seen any of his scenes before, you know exactly how sexy this man really is.

“I don’t have the body I want,” said the very modest Logan Moore. “But I work out a lot and eat very healthy. I guess because I am a professional dancer since I was young, I have the legs and ass from that!”

Based in Europe, Logan is no stranger to the HustlaBall experience.

“I’ve been to HustlaBall twice in Berlin,” said Logan Moore, who not only attended the event, but is also a proud HustlaBall award winner! “It is the craziest and horniest place for sex and shows.”

Logan Moore will be making his first appearance at HustlaBall Las Vegas, taking place in Sin City, January 14-17. HustlaBall Las Vegas is the single, largest event west of the Mississippi, featuring a massive line-up of over 35 sexy studs that work in the adult entertainment industry.

“I’m curious to see how HustlaBall Las Vegas is going to be,” exclaimed Logan Moore. “I look forward to finally meeting with all my American friends in one place and having fun together. It’s going to be my first big party where my American fans can finally meet me. I can’t wait to meet all of them!”

If you still are on the fence about going, Logan Moore wants you to be there!

“First of all, Vegas is a fun city,” explains Logan Moore. “It’s definitely a city you need to visit in your life, and when is better than HustlaBall weekend? There are nice parties, many sexy men, meet your favorite porn stars, see more than in the movies, and do things I can’t write here. So listen to Mister Moore and buy your HustlaBall ticket now!”

Tickets for HustlaBall Las Vegas are on sale now. Tickets for the Main Event start at $34.99 for local residents, and VIP passes from $199. There are only a few VIP room packages left at the host hotel, which include accommodation and two VIP tickets.

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