The Luxor Hotel: The most LGBT friendly hotel in Las Vegas

Home of the popular Temptation Sunday's pool party.

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This article was published on September 25th, 2016

Heading to Vegas? Need to know the best place to stay with all the gays? As the city famed for its glitz and glamour and redefining of the hotel industry, it can be tough to select from the vast array of hotels in Las Vegas. With each hotel promising and delivering so much and so different from one another, it isn’t easy to choose the best!

Don’t worry, we’ve done it for you!

The Luxor Hotel and Casino Resort in Las VegasThe Luxor Hotel and Casino, while not brand new or overly chic, is one of the iconic hotels of Las Vegas. Its signature black Egyptian pyramid hotel and life-size Sphinx have made it one of the most photographed Las Vegas hotels over the years. The property has become dated over the years and MGM Resorts has begun the process of renovating rooms in the pyramid, to bring them back up to the standards visitors would expect.

The Luxor Hotel and Casino Resort in Las Vegas

Part of the MGM Resort group of properties, the Luxor Hotel offers its guests ‘Wow experiences’ and moments. From the moment they walk through the door there is a feeling of comfort, safety, and security. They also have a well deserved reputation of being ardent supporters of the LGBT community, making them the hotel of choice for anyone wishing to add some major gay into their gaycation.

The Luxor Hotel and Casino Resort in Las Vegas

“The gay traveller is looking for great accommodations, dining, and entertainment,” said Tim Evans, Director of Marketing for the Luxor Hotel. “They are looking for the same things as straight travellers. Great customer service. You want to have a blast. We have the variety, shows, dining options, and more. The Luxor has done a great job since 2001 positioning themselves in the LGBT community.”

The Luxor has been a long and strong supporter of the gay community supporting major events like Las Vegas Pride, Las Vegas Gay Days, and Pride 48, but also hosting large conventions including Prime Timers World-Wide, Big Gay Men Org, and others.

The Luxor Hotel and Casino Resort in Las Vegas

“We’re not just gay friendly, we really want them here,” said Evans. Employee training and culture is important to MGM Resort and diversity training is a key component for all employees. You won’t be asked if you want two queen beds instead of a king if it’s two guys checking in. It’s completely normal at the Luxor for two guys to check in, and the staff at the property won’t even remotely question it. “It’s what you can expect. It comes down to training.”

Tender Steak and Seafood

Of course you can expect quality accommodation and top-notch service, and they are also home to restaurants with food that rivals any other hotel on the strip. Tender Steak and Seafood provides some of the greatest steaks in the city at an approachable price point, meaning you don’t have to venture far to experience the levels of luxury that Vegas is famous for! The food is delivered by spectacular and knowledgeable wait staff with superior service skills, and the hand-crafted cocktails and specially selected wine list will ensure that all food and drink will be perfectly matched and go down an absolute treat.

The Luxor Hotel and Casino Resort in Las Vegas

If wedding bells are in your future you can count on the Luxor Hotel. They have their own wedding chapel on site and were one of the first properties in Las Vegas to be completely ready to perform same-sex marriages, complete with language appropriate paperwork.

The Luxor Hotel and Casino Resort in Las Vegas

Being a LasVegas hotel, the Luxor has a spa, salon, retail shops, gym, park, and golf course with many of the amenities available 24 hours a day. As well as world class performers, world class gambling, more bars and nightclubs then even the most hardcore of drinkers would require to keep them entertained and, most importantly: Temptation Sundays.

What are Temptation Sundays? Glad you asked!

Temptation Sunday's gay pool party at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas

Temptation Sundays are the single greatest gay pool party on the Las Vegas strip and attract the hottest gays available to the beautiful eyes of the attendees. Seriously, this is the event that you absolutely cannot miss if you partake in the gayer side of life. Held at the main pool with the spectacular black pyramid in the background, Temptation Sunday’s is a top quality and memorable party with serious eye candy.

Temptation Sunday's gay pool party at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas

Temptation Sunday’s run every Sunday from May through September. Similar to a t-dance, there is a different DJ each week, cocktail bars with frozen drinks, and often a different promotion / theme each week.

Finally, there are two exhibits that make this hotel the number one destination for visitors: The Titanic and the Bodies exhibitions.

The Titanic exhibit at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas

The Titanic exhibition is simply incredible, hosted at the Luxor for 10 years, you will see real artefacts brought up from the ocean floor, an 18 ton piece of the Titanic hull raised from the ocean floor, get your photo taken on a replica of the grand staircase, and learn about the passengers and crew who started out on the journey to the promised land on the unsinkable ship.

The Big Piece at the Titanic exhibit at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas

The Titanic story comes to life when you are presented with a passenger card of a real passenger and at the end you can find out their fate. This touch really helps you to engage with the story behind one of the greatest tragedies of the 20th century.


The Bodies exhibit is a fascinating look at the human body in a way that most people never get to see as it is rarely displayed outside of an anatomy lab. Using an innovative preservation technique, real human bodies are displayed to create an incredible and groundbreaking walk through of the human body.

The Luxor Hotel and Casino Resort in Las Vegas

Whatever brings you to Vegas, be sure to make it a memorable trip by staying at the best hotel on the strip, the Luxor Hotel and Casino. There are always a variety of offers, includes some specifically for the LGBT visitor. Check out the Luxor special offers now and book your vacation today.

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