Make-Up Allows All Genders the Full Range of Self-Expression

NYX Professional Makeup presents a collection that celebrates genderless makeup for everyone!

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This article was published on June 13th, 2022

Makeup And Its Complicated History

The history has always been fraught with controversy, particularly in the last few decades as gender norms and standards have been challenged and recalibrated. Within the last ten years, the stigma around men wearing makeup has shifted considerably, and it is not uncommon to see men occasionally pop up in magazine ads in cosmetics, a sign of the times and one that has been heralded as a changing of the guard in realm of cosmetics. 

YouTube Has Led the Way in Revolutionizing Cosmetics For Men

There have been a few notable vloggers on social media, particularly YouTube, that have changed the perception of what cosmetics are for and who can apply them. These YouTubers have informed millions of women AND men on how to use makeup to transform their mood, their outfit, and their lives. At the end of the day, the important take-away from these videos were the inclusivity and the notion that everyone can use makeup as they see fit to identify and celebrate their singularity. 

The Rise of the ‘How-To’ Movement In Cosmetics

Today, there are more tutorials than ever before on how to apply cosmetics, with more people interested in using makeup to express their personal dynamic, showcase color, or simply their artistry. Cosmetics is now considered by today’s standards available for all genders to express themselves in a subtle or dynamic way – the rules previously hovering over the world of cosmetics have been removed and expanded and there are many makeup brands out there that have lines that celebrate fluidity and those that wish to reveal their personality in a new way. 

NYX Professional Makeup Presents a Limited-Edition Collection For 2022

In support of the no-barriers stance on makeup, NYX Professional Makeup has recently announced the release of Ultimate Eye Paints, which will be available in 6 bold shades inspired by the rainbow: This Is Everything Lip Oil; the best-selling vegan Matte Setting Spray in pride packaging; the super blendable and versatile Wonder Stick Blush and the best-selling Butter Gloss in a clear glossy shade. 

Their lineup also includes the following products from their collection:

NYX Professional Makeup Pride Ultimate Eye Paint

Play with the rainbow with the limited-edition pride Ultimate Eye Paints! Use these vegan mattifying paints on eye, face, and body for bold color blocking, precision application, or free form artistry. 

NYX Professional Makeup Pride This Is Everything Lip Oil 

Take a dip and drench your lips in super soft, deliciously sheer, glossy lip oils that will add a dose of hydration and subtle color for a gorgeous shine or a hint of color.

NYX Professional Makeup Pride Matte Setting Spray 

The cult-favorite matte setting spray locks in any makeup look from natural to full beat that is super comfortable and breathable. Vegan.

NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss 

A universal product for anyone, anywhere, anytime – it can be used to layer on top of your favorite lip product for a gorgeous shine or used on its own to give those lips a glossy finish. 

NYX Professional Makeup Pride Wonder Stick Blush

All day wear designed to be worn alone or blended to customize your own look. This vegan blush can be used for soft or full glam, the wonder is in your hands. 

NYX Professional Makeup Partners with Los Angeles LGBT Center 

NYX Professional Makeup is an ongoing partner with the Los Angeles LGBT Center and has donated more than $100,000 to the center, and starting June 1st, those that purchase their products will have the option to round up their checkout price on, with the proceeds benefitting the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

How has cosmetics changed in the last few years and how do you feel about brands offering more selection for all genders? Let HomoCulture know in the comments section below!

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