Making the Yuletide Truly Gay with ‘A Holiday I Do’ Premiere on Tello Films

If you like holiday rom-coms and want something less…straight, then tune in to A Holiday I Do on Tello Films. 

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This article was published on November 7th, 2023

If you like holiday rom-coms and want something less…straight, then tune in to A Holiday I Do on Tello Films. It’s time for some festive cheer as A Holiday I Do makes its world premiere on the popular Tello Films Lesbian Network on November 10th. Directed by Paul Schneider and Alicia Schneider, this charming holiday romcom promises to make your yuletide truly gay!

The film not only celebrates the LGBTQ+ community but also extends a helping hand. Ten percent of the producer’s proceeds from the film will be donated to support The Trevor Project. They are a well-known non-profit organization that provides mental health and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ+ youth.

A Holiday I Do is Cozy Holiday Fun

Starring Lindsay Hicks and Rivkah Reyes, A Holiday I Do is the perfect feel-good film for this holiday season. The film follows Jane, a single mom raising her 10-year-old daughter, Lexi. On top of that she finds herself managing her family’s horse farm following the loss of her father. When she reluctantly agrees to be the best (wo)man in her BFF ex-husband’s extravagant yuletide wedding, chaos ensues.

There’s no lack of chaos for her as she deals with an emotionally charged holiday celebration and a bridezilla fiancé. Not to mention a surprise visit from a no-nonsense banker, all making Jane’s life even more complicated. But amidst the turmoil, an unexpected romance sparks between Jane and the wedding planner, Sue. As the big day approaches, Jane will need some Christmas magic to set things right and save her family’s farm.

“A Holiday I Do” is a 93-minute heartwarming journey filled with love, laughter, and a touch of Christmas magic. It’s a perfect gay addition to your holiday movie lineup!

More Queer Yuletide Fun for the Holidays

This holiday season, Tello Films brings even more Christmas joy and LGBTQ+ stories with a special four-film promo! These films offer a delightful mix of diverse characters, festive settings, and compelling narratives that are sure to make your holidays brighter.

Christmas at the Ranch

Christmas at the Ranch tells the story of a high-powered executive who reluctantly returns to the family ranch. This executive, played by Lindsay Wagner, finds herself in a world quite different from her high-stress corporate life. Soon she meets a ranch hand named Kate, and their initial interaction takes a humorous and awkward turn. As they work together to save the ranch from financial troubles, their differences gradually give way to a deeper connection. This film truly celebrates love and second chances. It’s a perfect image of the magic of the holiday season and the unexpected places where love can be found.

Merry & Gay

In Merry & Gay, Becca, played by Dia Frampton, wraps up her role as a Broadway star in New York City. Now it’s time to head back to her quaint Tennessee hometown for the holidays. What she doesn’t expect is the well-intentioned meddling of her mother and her best friend. They’ve been plotting to reunite Becca with Sam, her childhood pal and high school sweetheart. This film is a journey of rediscovering love, friendship, and the charm of a small-town Christmas. Notably, this movie showcases Andi René Christensen. They are one of the first non-binary actors to star in a lead role in a holiday romcom!

I Hate New Year’s

I Hate New Year’s takes you on a journey with Layne Price, played by Dia Frampton. She’s been struggling with writer’s block as a rising music star. Layne’s plans for New Year’s Eve are far from exciting, as she dislikes the holiday. However, a visit to a mysterious fortune teller sets off a crazy series of events. This will make her New Year’s Eve anything but ordinary. Layne, accompanied by her best friend Cassie, embarks on a night of adventure and self-discovery in Nashville. As they navigate the vibrant New Year’s Eve celebrations, Layne is determined to reconnect with her elusive ex. With a little mystical intervention, this film explores themes of love, inspiration, and self-discovery.

Season of Love

Season of Love is the first LGBTQ+ holiday romcom to be widely released. It offers a unique perspective on love and the holiday season. The film follows the lives of three very different couples as they celebrate Christmas and New Year’s. Each couple faces their own set of challenges and joys. Seasons of Love is a beautiful tapestry of love, diversity, and the magic of the holiday season. It features a fabulous cast, including Sandra Mae Frank, Jessica Clark, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Emily Goss, Laur Allen, and Janelle Marie Rodriguez. Season of Love explores the complexity of relationships and love that define the holiday season.

Pre-order or Rent Holiday I Do: Nov. 1 / Premieres: Nov. 10

Rent A Holiday I Do for $6.99 (14 days) or purchase the film for $14.99.

Make the season even more gay!

Rent more yuletide fun in a special movie four-pack for just $10.99 (14 days) that includes the acclaimed LGBTQ+ Tello holiday romcoms, Christmas at the Ranch, Merry & Gay, I Hate New Year’s and Season of Love.

Tello Films

Tello Films, headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, is dedicated to producing, acquiring, and distributing innovative and high-quality films, series, and shorts featuring and about lesbian/queer women. They have a remarkable track record of creating content that resonates with audiences and has received critical acclaim.

Make your yuletide truly gay this season with “A Holiday I Do” and Tello Films’ special holiday movie promo. Enjoy these heartwarming stories and celebrate love and diversity during the most wonderful time of the year. Visit them at

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