How to join the Mile High Club: Advice from Brandon Jones

Tips, advice, and insights on how best to get your wings and join the mile high club!

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This article was published on January 8th, 2017

Brandon JonesJoining the mile high club – a sexual bucket list item for many and a fond memory for those lucky enough to have had the thrilling sky-high adventure. HomoCulture caught up with adult entertainer and former flight attendant, Brandon Jones, for some tips, advice, and insights on how best to get your wings so you too can join the mile high club!

During his seven years as a flight attendant with Sunwing Airlines there was little Brandon Jones didn’t see including countless attempts of passengers trying to sneak into the lavatories for a mid-flight hook-up.

According to Brandon Jones, night flights are the best times to get initiated, waiting until the flight attendants are busy doing the food and beverage service.

How to sneak into a lavatory

The best time to start the mile high club initiation process is to ensure that there is no lineup for the lavatory at the back of the aircraft. The first of the daring duo will go the the lavatory, go inside, lock the door to avoid suspicion, and then patiently wait. Then, the second partner will quietly head back to the same lavatory, in the most quiet and discrete manor.

airplane lavatory

“There’s a magic trick to unlock a lavatories,” explains Brandon Jones, giving advice on how to access an aircraft lavatory. “On top of the occupied sign there a little metal flap. Lift it up and slide the switch it will automatically unlock it. And as you are porking inside of it remember to be uber quiet and that one of the players has to keep a hand on the lock so the flight attendant cant open it.”

airplane lavatory door unlock

Brandon Jones goes on to say the trick to not arousing suspicion is to act like nothing happened, “No smiley face leaving the lavatories. Fake being sick and enjoy the ride!”

Be prepared in case you get caught

In the case that your attempt at entering the lavatory was unsuccessful or you were too noisy, which leads to you getting caught by another passenger, or worse yet, the flight attendant, there’s no need to panic.

“The best thing to do is to fake that your partner was super sick and vomiting his life out,” suggests Brandon Jones, if you happen to get caught during your mile high romance. “Ask the flight attendant for cold water compress or ice! Its time to practice your acting skills!”

mile high club guy

The risks involved

“Most of the time you will just have a bitchy look from the flight attendant,” said Brandon Jones, if you do get caught. It’s best to avoid getting caught in the first place because this act is an arrestable offence. That being said, best to air on the side of caution and practice your acting skills; fake being sick.

An alternative, less risky way to join the mile high club is the old ‘blanket over your lap’ trick. Brandon Jones only recommends this less risky sexual behaviour for night flights, sitting in the last row, or if there is no one in the row behind you for the purposes of visibility from and privacy from the people around you. Other passengers could rat you out to a flight attendant, cause you an embarrassing situation especially if children are witness to the act, or worse yet, be photographed or filmed and have it posted on social media and it goes viral.

Brandon Jones reveals his own, real mile high club experiences

It’s not just passengers who get involved in joining the mile high club. Brandon Jones has had his own experiences to validate his membership to the exclusive sky high club.

“The first time was with a fellow flight attendant during a night flight from Vancouver to Cancun,” said Brandon Jones recounting his own person mile high club experience. “We had just finished our dinner service and our other colleague went up front to eat. As he was in the galley I just sat in my uniform and pulled out my cock from my uniform. It didn’t take long before he started sucking me, then sat on me till I came.”

Brandon Jones

But this wasn’t Brandon Jones only in-flight, mile high club experience. An attractive fan had seen many of Brandon Jones porn scenes and recognized the flight attendant as one of his favourite adult entertainers.

“There was a really hot jock that asked me as I passed by him if I was Brandon Jones,” explained Brandon Jones, who discretely confirmed his alter-ego alias to the curious, sexy passenger. “As I was doing the safety demo he kept looking at me and touching is dick. He went to the bathroom and rang the help button. When I unlocked the door he was sitting with his hard on waiting for me to suck it.”

mile high club

Now you know the dirty truth behind the mile high club and have these amazing tips from Brandon Jones on how to join, and you started to plan your next flight?

Have you attempted to take the bold and risky move to join the exclusive mile high club? Leave your story in the comments section below!

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