12 easy money saving travel tips

Useful travel tips to save money for your next holiday.

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This article was published on April 8th, 2018

Traveling isn’t just for the wealthy. Everyone can afford to travel. The key is to be smart about how to save and spend your money on travel. If you want to travel but don’t know how to do it on a budget, or are looking for buck-saving travel advice, take a look at these 12 easy money saving travel tips to help you get on you way!

  1. Use loyalty programs as much as possible – stick with one airline alliance and hotel chain and always use them.
  2. Book directly with the airline, hotel, tour group, or restaurant for the best savings.
  3. When you are looking for airline tickets or hotel prices, only search once and book immediately. You will be cookied (algorithms will have tracked your search and let the company you are trying to book through know to jack up the prices on you) and when you go back in the future to make your booking, the prices will probably be higher.
  4. Do your research for airline tickets and hotels at a local library or friend’s house and then buy them to avoid your IP from being tracked and cookied.
  5. Book your tickets early before prices increase. Always book at least six weeks in advance. When travelling during peak periods, book earlier. Price increases are based on supply and demand.
  6. Travel during off-peak (mid-week or off-season) times. You’ll have more options with less crowds competing for seats/rooms. Prices are always cheaper during the off season.
  7. Pack as lightly as you can. The less bags you have, the less likely it will be that you’ll have to pay to stow them as you travel. If you stick with one airline and travel frequently enough, you can gain status, which offers get great perks including free checked baggage.
  8. Sign up for travel websites that email you deals on tickets, vacations, and packages to get an understanding of where prices are. There are often incredible deals on last minute travel, especially when a cruise, charter, event, or hotel isn’t sold out.
  9. If going to a festival or event, don’t stay at the host hotel. Often, hotels right down the street will be much more affordable and less chaotic.
  10. Go for package deals: you’ll save money booking through one source than you would booking with each individual company.
  11. Use your reward points for flight and hotel upgrades
  12. Start saving money now, even if just spare change. An extra $50, $150, or $500 in a mason jar adds up over time very quickly and can be a nice chunk of money to have, even if just to treat yourself.

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12 easy money saving travel tips

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