Nick Catoire releases new single – ‘No Promises’

Listen to 'No Promises,' the latest pop single by Nick Catoire, capturing the queer experiences of heartbreak, isolation and pain.

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This article was published on March 15th, 2021

Queer pop artist Nick Catoire surprised his fans with a new single on Friday, March 12. The song, titled ‘No Promises,’ shares the artist’s story of holding his head high and pushing through even during the most challenging times.

“I was abandoned by my first love. I lived closeted for a long time and grew up believing I would never be in a relationship. Losing that person made those horrible thoughts real. I was a mess, but I held my head up. That’s what this song is about. Pushing through when you’ve been abandoned by who or what you think is most important. Being your own light in the dark.” He said.

The jam, a collaboration with LA-based producer, Long Boy, is a smooth, punchy pop banger that, according to the artist, “can uplift and empower even the most depressed listener.”

Catoire takes his inspiration from Sia’s pop hooks and the incredible vocals of Lauryn Hill and Amy Winehouse, producing vocal chops that would give Sam Smith a run for his money.

His powerful and relatable lyrics about isolation, heartbreak, and empowerment, something we’ve all experienced, will inspire you to action.

Nick the artist

Nick’s music, especially the lyrics, comes from emotionally profound and relatable experiences.

For instance, he was born while his mom was in jail. What followed was a tough childhood, moving among family members because his dad was never around, and when he was, drug addiction and constant arrests limited his fatherly presence.

He later lived with his mom in a trailer in the swamps of Louisiana after her release. However, it wasn’t an ideal situation either, marked with a flurry of addicts, screaming, and strangers. Eventually, he’d move to Austin to live with his grandparents.

Like most queer people, Nick lived a closeted life in high school, eventually moving to New York to start over and perhaps, finally, find love and come out. However, that would not be, especially after suffering a major heartbreak, something most people understand only too well.

As he puts it, his music aims to inspire and empower because no matter how bad things get (the COVID19 pandemic, anyone?), you’ve got to stay optimistic, take care of yourself, and live to fight another day. 

But, he’s real with the lyrics, serving up painful truths about isolation, heartbreak, and empowerment, something most queers can relate to, especially after the year that was 2020.

‘No Promises’ available on all streaming platforms. You can listen to the pop single here:

Music inspires, empowers, relaxes, and teaches. Nick Catoire’s new single, ‘No Promises,’ does just that. It reminds us that no matter what you’ve gone through in life, you can still rise, dust yourself off, and jump back into the fight.

Timely lessons not just for life events, but also starting over after Covid19.

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