8 Ways Not to Gain Weight on Summer Vacation

It seems that many people go away on vacation and when they get home they realize that they’ve put on a few extra pounds. It usually comes from over-eating, not […]

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This article was published on July 28th, 2013

Effectively manage your weight while on vacation

It seems that many people go away on vacation and when they get home they realize that they’ve put on a few extra pounds. It usually comes from over-eating, not getting the usual exercise in each day, and from consuming too many beverages.

  1. Stick to your normal diet. This is key. It’ll not only help keep your body on it’s regular digestive cycle, but it also helps to keep you from getting sick. Just be cautious of the region you’re traveling in to ensure the foods you are consuming and been prepared correctly.
  2. Drink bottled water. Your body isn’t accustomed to the local water, which could contain impurities that can upset your digestive tract. Stick to bottled water and order drinks without ice.
  3. Eat regularly. Many people don’t stick to regular meal schedules because of busy days, hang-overs, events, etc. Try to eat at least 2-out-of-3 meals each day just like you would at home. This will keep you full of energy for your adventures.
  4. Right your wrongs. It’s ok to indulge on desserts, cocktails or whatever high-calorie items you may have – just try to off-set it with some healthy snacks. It’ll make you feel less guilty too.
  5. Pack healthy treats. Stop off at a grocery or convenience store to get bottled water, granola bars, yogurt and banana’s. Simple things that you can throw into your day backpack and have when you’re ready to eat, and it’s cheaper than paying for the convenience items at tourist attractions or where there isn’t a restaurant, like if you’re on a dessert safari. Restaurants also use a lot of sauces, spreads, etc., all which pack on unnecessary calories.
  6. Alternate. It’s totally cool to drink alcohol, just remember to drink water. It’ll make your experience way better and you won’t wake up with such a mess of a hang over. Water also helps flush the toxins from your body faster.
  7. Hold the salad dressing! When ordering salads, hamburgers, sandwiches, etc., always ask to hold the salad dressing, mayo, sauces, etc. It’s probably the easiest way to cut calories on a trip. Restaurants are notorious to sneaking in these extra calories and fat.
  8. Stay away from sodas and pop. When ordering a cocktail, either order the mixer as a diet pop or get club soda. Regular pop can easily add calories. Tonic water is an extra 125 calories per drink, whereas having club soda with a squeeze of fresh lime is no calories and way more refreshing.

Hopefully you’ll try some of these tips on your next trip. If you have other suggestions for travelers on how to cut calories while on vacation, leave a comment on this blog post!

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