Orange Martini

Relax and let the sense of well-being wash over you with the Orange healing martini.

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This article was published on June 1st, 2020

Orange is a vibrant color. It symbolizes energy, warmth, vitality, and good health. It’s the only color in the spectrum named after a popular fruit – one that improves our health and well-being.

The Orange Martini is an invitation to pause, reflect, and recharge. The gay community has gone through a lot over time. From the early days of the struggle to the new battles not just for rights and acceptance, but also the fight against homophobia and poor mental health.

It’s the clarion call to be kinder to ourselves and others. To understand that we all have our struggles and no matter what we are going through, giving thanks. It could be much worse.

In a world with so many ills, injustices, and problems, step back and raise your glass and drink to health. Let the drink usher you into a bursting vitality for life, for well-being, and contentment. For balance and resilience moving forward.

To health, cheers!

  • 2 oz Stoli Premium
  • 1 oz orange liqueur  
  • 1 oz no-pulp orange juice
  • ½ oz simple syrup

Shake ingredients with ice. Strain into a chilled martini glass.

Enjoy and drink responsibly.

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