Power bottom like a pro: tips from Liam Riley

It takes a lot to work in the adult entertainment industry. Not everyone could do it. Certainly not every adult entertainer can be known as a porn star, let alone […]

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This article was published on July 6th, 2017

Liam Riley’s tips on how to power bottom like a proIt takes a lot to work in the adult entertainment industry. Not everyone could do it. Certainly not every adult entertainer can be known as a porn star, let alone the best in their field. Cockyboy’s exclusive model, Liam Riley is an expert in his craft and is best known for being one of the best power bottoms in the industry. With his own line of sex toys from Fleshjack, including his own personalized Fleshlight sleeve and tailored-to-his-personal-dick dildo, Liam Riley is at the top of his game as the power bottom everyone is talking about. In an exclusive interview with HomoCulture, Liam Riley explains in detail, his best tips on how exactly to power bottom like a pro.

Before becoming a pro, you need to master the basics of being a bottom, then you need to master the art of taking control, to the point where you crave it.

“A bottom is someone who is trying it out, to see if they like it; a power bottom is someone who enjoys it and takes advantage of it,” said Cockyboy’s exclusive model, Liam Riley. “A true power bottom knows how to work around your top, that they are ok, and taken care of. A power bottom is the leader in the whole sexual experience. It’s the tango where the power bottom takes the initiative and leads the dance.”

Liam Riley’s tips on how to power bottom like a pro

It takes more than an overwhelming desire to get fucked good and hard to becoming the ultimate power bottom. Hygiene, stamina, physical strength, and adrenaline also play important parts when learning how to power bottom like a pro.

“Personally, I love to be submissive, but with the slight of dominance, it’s interesting,” stated Liam Riley. “At the same time, I like to show my dominance as a bottom. They assume the top takes the dominance. It’s even sexier for the bottom to be dominant.”

Liam Riley FleshJack

According to Liam, power bottoms just need to relax and take it all in—pun intended.

“I usually mentally prepare, that’s the biggest thing,” Liam Riley said, explaining a few of the techniques he uses while preparing. “It also comes from the top and how they warm you up. They work it into you. They take their time to ease into it. It’s not rushed. Slow, work it up, and then go crazy. The moment that you share that, it creates the chemistry for the long run.”

Liam Riley’s tips on how to power bottom like a pro

Liam Riley admits that sometimes he will initiate sex, and sometimes he doesn’t, but ultimately, it’s all about the bottom giving consent, and patience.

Preventing painful bottoming experiences is all about preparation. Liam Riley uses Fleshjack’s complete line-up of dildos to help him power bottom like a pro. Equally important, Liam Riley recommends all bottoms to learn the art of anal douching, and maintain a steady diet of water, protein, and Metamucil.

Flashjack Liam Riley dildo

Practice makes perfect, and Liam Riley is the perfect power bottom. A bonified power bottom can get all the practice in the world with the perfect toys from Fleshjack.

“I love the Fleshjack toys,” exclaimed Liam Riley. “They are very accurate. The silicone texture is amazing. They comes in all shapes and sizes – cut and uncut.”

Liam Riley Fleshjack sleeve

Curiosity can kill the cat, but Liam Riley did say he isn’t just a total bottom. He may be a tried and true power bottom, but even power bottoms can make great tops if the mood strikes them right.

“Yes, sex is free,” said Liam Riley, who explained that sometimes he gets the urge to explore his sexuality by being a top. “You don’t need to label anything. It’s fun when everyone gets a turn.”

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Learn how to power bottom like a pro by practicing with the Liam Riley dildo, and experience what if feels like to being inside him with the FleshJack personalized Fleshjack sleeve. Both are available now and together in the delicious Liam Riley Forever combo pack by FleshJack. If you have ever wanted to know what it feels like to fuck and get fucked by a porn star, now’s your chance!

Liam Riley FleshJack

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