Re-Energize Your Underwear Drawer

Invigorate your collection with a few new brands and styles.

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This article was published on February 15th, 2021

There’s really no excuse to wear your underwear until it’s tattered and frayed when there are a wide range of options to choose from that are stylish and affordable. Of course there are the tried and true brands that we all know about, but why stop at Pump!, JJ Malibu, or Joe Boxer, when there is a broad spectrum of choices out there that feature every variation on underwear plus accessories to match. HomoCulture goes over styles, fabrics, and a few brands on our radar that we know you will love!

HomoCulture shouldn’t even need to tell you why you should always stay up to date with your underwear collection. No gay man should ever be caught out there in cheap underwear that does nothing for your look. There’s no reason why every man can’t have comfortable undies in a few styles that range from lounge-y to sexy. It is one of the few areas where men really get a chance to express themselves, and as such, we have devised a few guidelines for your next foray into the underwear market. 

Underwear Styles

Here are the variations of underwear styles that are available on the market today: a brief breakdown, if you will.


The classic design features a Y-shaped front pouch to hold your nether-region into place and are probably the ‘tighty whiteys’ you remember from your youth. The traditional style of briefs definitely did the job, but currently, they have gone through a much-needed revamp that offer a more fitted approach that features the latest technology including traditional cotton and cotton-blends, lycra, and even bamboo, a sustainable fabric that is perfect for leisurewear. 

Boxer Briefs

Providing even more coverage than traditional briefs, boxer briefs give you more support through the thigh and give you more room to breathe. Men that typically prefer boxers can easily transition to boxer briefs as the amount of coverage is nearly equal. The best brands feature boxer briefs that don’t ride up when you’re on the move and when it comes to versatility, they allow men to wear them with every type of outfit. 

Boxer Shorts

Arguably the most popular style of underwear as well as the most comfortable, boxer shorts are perfect for a lazy day at home or wearing with some athleisurewear while on the town. The more modern boxer shorts currently are available in more form-fitting styles and may not come with an opening in the groin area. The sky is the limit as boxer shorts come in every print imaginable as well as every fabric, and can be worn with any style. 


Initially created for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, jockstraps have long since made the transition into daily wear for many men. There are plenty of styles to choose from when it comes to jockstraps, but what all of them provide in abundance is additional support in the front and back. 


Underwear comes in various types of fabrics, so choosing the ones that agree with your preferences and lifestyle are totally up to you. Here is a rundown on the fabrics and their benefits. 


For its comfort, breathability, and durability, cotton is the go-to fabric when it comes to underwear. The material is great at absorbing any moisture, is perfect for all day wear, and doesn’t shrink in the wash. 


Men that prefer a fit that is softer on the skin and snug should opt for underwear made from nylon fabric. Its microfiber construction means you will stay dryer longer, making them ideal for exercising. Plus, they are easy to wash and dry quicker than other types of fabrics. 


The next step up in underwear fabrics from nylon is Modal, which is even softer on the skin and able to be worn throughout the day. Although less supportive than cotton and nylon, it still provides optimal support so that it can be worn almost anywhere. 


Half as thick as cotton and other natural fabrics and comfortable enough for all-day wear, polyester has the added benefit of holding color compared to the others. This means that you can really get imaginative with the patterns, prints, and bold hues you choose to bring out your personality. Plus, it’s durable, wrinkle-free, and easy to wash and dry. 


Nothing feels better than silk against the skin, and this is definitely a fabric with immense sex appeal. And while silk may not offer the type of support like traditional cotton, no one is looking for support when wearing silk! Silk is for sexy times!


A fabric that conforms to the body to produce a contoured silhouette, spandex is a durable material that can be worn everyday all day. Popular for working out because of its elasticity and lightweight, spandex doesn’t irritate the skin and can be worn comfortable under a suit. 

Things to Look for When Buying Underwear

The first thing that really matters when it comes to underwear is comfort. The more breathable the material is, the better, especially if you lead an active lifestyle. Men with a more laidback lifestyle will do just fine with boxers. For occasions that are more formal, briefs or boxer briefs will provide the right combination of coverage and leg movement. Cotton and cotton-blends are the best choices in terms of comfortability. Remember that there are several styles to choose from for underwear, so branch out a little from you typically wear and you may find yourself a new favorite!

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