The rubber and latex fetish revolution

The experts at The Stockroom share their opinions on the latest rising trend of sexual exploration.

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This article was published on February 14th, 2017

rubber and latex fetishes aren’t just for the kinky anymore. What is it about items made from these two materials that get people going? HomoCulture went looking for answers, to the original internet source for quality sex toys, selling to tech-savvy fans of kink since 1990, The Stockroom. They shared their opinions on the latest rising trend of sexual exploration.

What is it about latex and rubber that gets people so excited? According to Hudsy Hawn, Head Misteress at The Stockroom, internationally well-known lifestyle educator, and special events coordinator at Hollywood’s Boardners/Bar Sinister, said “not only does everyone look sexy in latex, but the sensual act of ‘shining’ someone in their latex is a huge turn on for both the wearer and the giver.”

Fetishes, kinks and sexual interests are all personal.

“The unique thing that make people have a fetish about it is that latex entertains all the five senses, it has its own unique taste, smell, shiny glass-like finish, slippery smooth texture, one of a kind sound when rubbed against itself,” added Safiya Cash, sales associate and sexologist student at The Stockroom.

If you’re interested in exploring your interests in latex and rubber, there are some easy ways you can try it out, without breaking the bank, and thinking of fun and creative ways to make the gear you do purchase go the extra mile.

Rubber JeansA smoother transition into latex wearing could begin with getting a pair of fashion gloves made by Syren Latex,” explains Hudsy. While Safiya. “I own several pairs and they really dress up vanilla outfits. Other easy ways to start exploring latex and rubber is to begin by purchasing smaller, more simple pieces, like a latex top. I always advise eager newbies to not start with buying a $700 couture latex. Latex is showing up more and more in mainstream fashion. Try wearing a latex top with your favorite pair of jeans to a rock concert or a latex shirt with a blazer to dinner.”

If you’ve been exploring your interests in latex and rubber, perhaps trying out pieces of gear from other partners, and you’re thinking about taking the plunge and getting serious, there are a number of pieces that you should seriously consider as part of your essential collection.

Latex pants look amazing on men or women and complement other clothes nicely,” said Safiya, who advises to purchase items that would be a good base for different occasions. Select pieces that are classic in design, that will never go out of style, like a button up shirt or vest.

If trendy is what you’re going for, laser cut patterns are really in style right now.

“Using a laser to cut the latex allows designers to create more intercut patterns and designs, that cutting by hand doesn’t allow,” explains Safiya . Laser cuts can create detailed mesh, lace, and other designs.

Knowing how to take care of your rubber and latex gear is really important. It’s an investment and with good care, can last many pleasurable years.

“I always wash my same color latex in cold water with a bit of lemon dish soap,” explains Hudsy. “After rinsing I dip it in a sink full of water and a bit Vivishine and hang it to dry. A little goes a very long way – so use sparingly.”

Washing gear by hand after each use will prolong the lifetime of the piece. Gently swooshing the garment in a mixture of mild dishsoap and warm water, followed by a thorough rinse with warm, clean water, and allowing to air dry, should remove most residue. Once the garment is dry, cover it in a thin layer of silicone lubricant to protect the item from sticking to itself. Hang the garment in the closet or in a clear zipper bag. If you don’t wear it often, make a note to wash it every three months or so, to help ensure the long-term integrity of the gear.

Rubber and latex gear isn’t the easiest to put on. The gang over The Stockroom offered some great tips on how to get in and out of some of the more difficult ensembles.

“As long as you aren’t in a rush, you definitely do not need to have a partner help you get into latex,” explains Safiya. “Be patient – it’s not a race. Plan to give yourself more time to get dressed. When you put on latex or rubber piece you will need to use a dressing aid like silicone lubricant to help you glide into the garment with ease. You will need to feel generous when using lubricant, latex can be a very delicate material and less friction will help to prevent unwanted rip or tears.”

Over time, you will get better with practice. Remove all jewelry and be mindful of coarse fingernails. Using lubricant on your body and latex with Pjur dressing aid will also help make things easier. Most importantly, use your knuckles on difficult areas, because fingernails and fingertips can easily puncture, ruining the gear.

“Thicker latex or rubber items are more constricting and can be more sturdy, giving them a longer shelf life,” adds Safiya.

Generally speaking, latex and rubber gear are not extremely dangerous. Some people may be allergic to the material, in which case you’ll want to discontinue use immediately.

“A danger or risk to consider with rubber and latex is that it is a non-porous material,” warns Sofiya. “Never place it over someone’s face unless is has a breathing hole. Also be careful when wearing latex out in the hot climates, and be sure to consume water and fluids to prevent dehydration. While being in a hot environment the latex will encourage your body to sweat profusely and this could lead to heat stroke.”

While there are many different types of rubber and latex gear, there is no distinction between dominant and submissive.

Latex Catsuit rubber and latex fetish“People think of cat suits as a dominant look but if you add an enclosed hood you instantly have a gimp objectified persona,” says Hudsy. Most pieces of gear are versatile and can be completely ambiguous, including the illusive sleep sack, which according to the experts at The Stockroom, are virtually a sleeping bag used to restrict a person’s movement.

Ready to start exploring your rubber and latex fetish? Here are a some valuable tips that you can’t miss.

“Toys should be clean and sterile before anything else,” cautions Safiya. “If you can keep your gear shiny, conditioned, and new looking, that’s always more pleasing to the eye. The process of applying lubricant and shining the garment is a big part of the fetish.” The best type of lubricant to use for the desired effect is silicon; avoid using lubricants with additives like vitamin E or heating and cooling agents.

Get started with your rubber and latex fetish gear by purchasing one or two pieces of classic gear. If you already have a few pieces, it’s a great time to add to your collection. Not only is the quality and selection from The Stockroom fantastic, but you can shop online and it ships discretely to your door.

Do you have a rubber and latex fetish and have a favourite piece or a suggestion of something for others who are interested in trying it out? Leave your comments below.


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One thought on “The rubber and latex fetish revolution

  1. Riki

    For me, it’s not just the five senses that turn me on about latex. There is something intrinsically, inherently sexual about the simple fact in itself that it is latex that makes me horny. I think the ultimate single latex outfit is a one piece footed, gloved and hooded latex catsuit, no thicker than .3 mm, for that stretchy rubbery all over rubberized feeling.
    I have had a rubber sexual fetish since before I ever knew about sex or why it made me feel the way it does. As a five year old, I would sneak the household gloves that were transparent, smooth and shiny inside and out and similar to today’s fetish latex gloves to bed at night and play with myself until I went to sleep. I knew nothing about other latex clothing but, I would dream of my whole body being covered in latex like those gloves.
    I never found a girl interested in latex. A friend and room mate found some of my gear and he was really turned on by it. The first rubber sex I had, and my first gay sex was with that friend while we were in a couple of my full latex catsuits. I think that I was probably a latent Homosexual all along but, I haven’t been with a girl since.
    I am almost always in head to toe latex in the evening and often sleep in it between latex sheets that are on my spare bed. Rubber is a lifestyle for me and, when having sex with someone, both he and I wear latex. I have lots of latex clothing but, catsuits are my favorite!