Say “Yes” to These Great Gay Wedding Proposal Ideas

Here are some great traditional and unique proposal ideas for gay men.

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This article was published on February 6th, 2020

If you’re seen the wedding proposal heard ‘round the world, where a guy spent six months editing his girlfriend’s favorite movie, OG Sleeping Beauty, to include their images in the film at a screening with surprise cameos of their friends and family hidden in the audience, then you know us gays have our work cut out for us if you’re looking to do the most amazing wedding proposal. Sure, this dude set the bar high with his proposal, but you don’t have to let yourself be outdone by some straight dude. Here are some great traditional and unique proposal ideas for gay men.

Simple is sometimes better. Not every wedding proposal has to be some grand spectacle. Taking your man to his favorite hiking spot, restaurant, bookstore, spot in the city, or a special place you two share is already very romantic gesture. It shows heart and that you cared enough to want it to be an important location for him to remember forever. A friend coming along before hand to add extra romantic touches like rose petals, pictures of you both, and artifacts from your relationship is a great idea for pre-setup. Remember to have someone there, too, as a witness but to photo and video the moment you’re prince says “yes”.

The gaycation is another very common proposal idea. You’re basking in the rays of the sun on some exotic beach, wearing very little but skimpy short shorts and big smiles on your faces, having the time of your lives doing very little other than getting it on and holidaying the F out. Or you’re strolling the ever-romantic Parisian streets and “happen” upon the lovers’ bridge with all the padlocks of love strapped to the rails over the stunning Seine River? What better time than the present on some exotic trip to drop to one knee and pledge your heart to the one you love the most! 

Incorporating your common interests is a cute and fun way to propose. You both enjoy culinary arts, baking, and food in general? A hidden wedding ring in a bread roll, cake, or other creation is a sneaky way to spring a surprise wedding proposal on someone. If you’re worried about your boo breaking his grill biting into a gold medal band, try plopping the ring in his champaign flute, in his silverware rollup, under his plate, or in some other crafty place that they won’t immediately see it. A candle-lit dinner with flowers in an intimate setting is recommended. Picnics work great, too.

One unique way of proposing is capitalizing on what your partner likes. A guy who loves escape rooms would love an escape room especially for the two of you, with you having designed the room, the clues, and the tasks all tailored around your relationship and facets of your combined love. Just don’t make it too hard to “escape”. Reenacting the romantic climax of your man’s favorite movie is also super cute.

Know your partner well and what type of proposal they would dream of. Maybe, it’s a flashmob of random family members and friends coming together to surprise. Maybe it’s out at a dance club where you’ve informed the DJ at a precise time to give you the floor. Their favorite pop star’s concert or in the middle of their favorite play. Most productions love having these type of proposals go down and will help with a little advanced notice and proper planning. Have the personal at your date spot pop out with a sign and props you need for a kamikaze wedding proposal. Or, maybe your guy likes things low key. Take an ad out in the local paper. Or call in to your local radio station.

You could have one of those airplanes with a sign over some city or beach location profess your love to your partner. A custom made jigsaw puzzle or board game is a sneaky way, along the lines of telling your partner you won an exclusive couple’s photo shoot (only to propose halfway) or couple’s casting call. A surprise party where all your spouse’s family and friends are there already is a big winner.

Or be simple AF. Use your fridge magnets at home. The steam on the bathroom mirror. Glow in the dark paint over your bed or where he can see it. Sidewalk chalk in front of your house could spell out: “Will You Marry Me?” in bright rainbow colors. A super cute and simple way to propose is by sprinkling a trail of rose petals along the ground of your house, with pictures of you two along the way. Finally, in some dark, candle-lit room, there you are on one knee, ready to make the man of your dreams your future husband.

Now that you’ve gotten ample ideas to give the best gay proposal, start planning and making it a reality. Big or small, there really is no wrong way to propose. But if you want it to be as romantic as possible and a day you both will always remember, go the extra mile by putting as much thought into it as possible. And if you’re lucky, he’ll say “yes” and “I do.”

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