Sense8 returns thanks solely to an adoring audience 

Sense8 will return to Netflix for a two hour series finale thanks to overwhelming audience support to bring back the canceled series. 

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This article was published on August 21st, 2017

It may give hope to some people who don’t think that a vote matters or think that their individual voice may never be heard to hear the news that the Netflix series Sense8 will be returning thanks, simply, to an overwhelming vigorous response from fans from around the world to reverse its original announcement of canceling Sense8. It was a particularly harsh blow for the queer community to have announced the series’ termination on the first day of Pride month.

Sense8 returns thanks solely to an adoring audience 

Sense8 was cancelled by Netflix officially, until an onslaught of fans from all over the world signed petitions asking for its return, which was remarkably successful. Millions of signatures across hundreds of online signatures, alongside personalized letters sent directly to the heads of Netflix virtually forced the online streaming network’s hand to give its audience some kind of resolution to Sense8 before completely canning it. It became one of the largest and fastest grassroots campaign in online history, challenging the mold of what an audience can accomplish with enough demand.

Featuring an all-star cast, Sense8 has supporting actors Daryl Hannah and Naveen Andrews intervene to help out a “cluster” of 8 different people from around the world who suddenly wake up to realize they can share consciousness and communicate through telepathy. Actors Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Brian J Smith, Aml Amee , Doona Bae, Jamie Clayton, Tina Desai, Tuppence Middleton, Max Riemelt are the sexiest ensemble cast to ever grace the small screen, and each character’s personal story so endearing, it is hard to pick a favourite Sense8. Each of the 8 not only suddenly realize that they are all mentally and telepathically connected, but must use help from Andrews and Hannah to ward off an underground government agency trying to hunt the cluster down to kill them all.

Netflix had sighted extreme overhead costs of $8 million US per episode, mostly due to scenes being shot on location in Chicago, Iceland, Korea, Nairobi, Berlin, San Francisco, and Mumbai. Each of the locations are stunningly shot and serve as an additional 8 stars themselves, as writer, created and director Lana Wackowski and the other directors of the series detailed the human experience across the globe.

Sense8 Christmas special

The show is a huge hit with queer audiences as there are multiple LGBT cast members, including virtually the entire main 8-person cast. Who could forget that pool scene where the Sensates had a mental orgy?! Each of the sensate is at least borderline bisexual, and each shares in the human experience that is love and sex. Originally created by both the Wackowskis, famous for the Matrix trilogy among other massive blockbusters, Sense8 grew attention before it even aired as the first joint project by the transgender sisters and one of the few shows on television featuring a trans character as a principal.

Lana Wakowski and the show recently released an official Thank You video to the fans reaffirming Sense8’s scheduled two hour conclusion that Netflix has promised. The video also featured cast and crew and behind the scenes looks and thank you videos. All eight Sense8 cast members have appeared together at several gay events, including gay pride in Sao Paolo and Vancouver Pride in July. Thus far, Netflix has only promised a two-hour series finale. But will audience members force the network to return the show for an additional season? Stay tuned. Until then, the return of Sense8 is fabulous news on several fronts.

Sense8 returns thanks solely to an adoring audience 

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