Should you have sex with married men?

Whether you like it or not or are straddling the fence, infidelity and affairs of the heart just a fact of life for everyone.

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This article was published on March 14th, 2018

In 2018 it is next to impossible that you have not ask yourself if you should have sex with married men. Whether you like it or not or are straddling the fence, infidelity and affairs of the heart just a fact of life for everyone. With hook-up websites and apps, there are more ways than ever before for people to step outside their relationship and meet up for carnal encounters.

There is no denying the air of excitement involved in having sex with married men due to the secrecy of it all. We all know someone that has had dalliances with married men and everyone has their own singular story about how it began and how it unfolded. The seriousness of the affair can be dependent on the level of commitment each wants. This type of relationship comes with its own special mix and of considerations.

Being involved with a married man can be fun – the attentiveness, the strategic meetings, and the secret messages you share with one another. Being the desired one and always feeling special is akin to a fairy tale.

Wild, uninhibited sex is a definite plus, and there are the added benefits of not having to worry about bills, work issues, or any problems that plague the typical married relationship. The passion is all in and once you’ve had amazing sex, you can disconnect and continue on with your life without any issues.

Of course, on the flip side of having sex with married men, there is the constant waiting for the moment to strike, checking for texts and messages, and the overall unpredictability of carrying on with a married man. There will also be broken engagements at the last minute, and some of those weekends and nights may get lonely. The nights when you want him to stay over but know he can’t may become a part of the routine as well. The availability is always a factor when having sex with a married man.

The time you steal away to be with one another is exciting and also coupled with the fact of knowing the unlikelihood of spending specific holidays like Valentine’s Day with him. Of course, there is the possibility to work even this issue out as it depends on the depth of the relationship.

Having sex with married men leaves you knowing only few facets of his life, and you will only be seeing one side of the coin. Your knowledge of the marriage may be limited and with every situation different, there are pros and cons associated with each.

You never know when, where, and how love may happen to you, and the choices associated with having sex with a married man comes with special considerations. The question of how sustainable it can be always hangs in the balance. Love is also about options and in the end, the choice is always yours to make.

Should you have sex with married men?

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One thought on “Should you have sex with married men?

  1. Scott McGowan

    I had an affair with a str8 married co worker that started the whole thing. He always bottomed and never wanted to top. We once had sex while his wife was in the next room.