A “Shoulder Dance” into the Depths of Sexuality and Embracing Fluidity

Shoulder Dance can help serve as a compass for those trying to navigate their own desires and self-discovery.

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This article was published on November 9th, 2023

Shoulder Dance is stepping out onto the big screen to weave a captivating exploration of sexuality, open relationships, and bisexuality. In the intricate tapestry of human connection, the dance of desire emerges as a fluid and ever-changing choreography. It mirrors the complexity of our own evolution, like a dance that unfolds over time. 

The rhythms of our sexual interests and identities undulate, creating a dynamic canvas that captures the essence of self-discovery. In Shoulder Dance, we get to see characters navigate the delicate balance between friendship and romantic entanglements. This film becomes a reflection of the multifaceted nature of human connections. And they are inviting audiences to witness the beautiful, sometimes tumultuous, dance of desire.

Shoulder Dance can help serve as a compass for those trying to navigate their own desires and self-discovery. By delving into the lives of two couples, one gay and one straight, the film becomes a testament to the universal nature of human connection. It’s about transcending labels and inviting viewers to embrace the fluidity inherent in the journey of self-exploration. 

As the characters grapple with seductive games, indulgence, and unraveling revelations, Shoulder Dance becomes more than a movie. It’s a poignant narrative that explores the depths of our own hearts in the ever-evolving dance of human connection.

Shoulder Dance and Seductive Games

The film follows Ira and his long-time boyfriend Josh, as their peaceful Hamptons hideaway is disrupted.  They are surprised by the sudden arrival of Ira’s former high school best friend and forever crush, Roger, and his girlfriend, Lilly. What ensues is a weekend filled with wine, hot-tubbing, and laughter laced with risky new diversions introduced by Roger and Lilly.

The slippery lines between friends, lovers, and partners threaten to trip them up, inviting the audience into a world where the boundaries of love are tested and redrawn. Shoulder Dance is set to release on digital platforms on November 14.

Jay Arnold’s Vision for Refreshing Romance

Director Jay Arnold has given us gay rom-coms in the past, such as What Happens Next. This time he crafts a refreshingly romantic and brutally honest tale. All out of a nearly-lost weekend of sexy debauchery, true confessions, and unexpected realizations. The chemistry between rising stars Dallas, Cosnett, Frey, and Geha is outstanding! It becomes a true driving force behind the exploration between unexplored fantasies and the truths of our hearts.

Shoulder Dance is a Can’t Miss Release

Shoulder Dance recently earned accolades at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival! They took home Best LGBTQ Film and Best Supporting Actress for Maggie Geha. In the words of Rich Wolff, CEO of Breaking Glass Pictures, “Shoulder Dance beautifully captures the human experience.” It’s a mirror that reflects the nature of desire and connection, inviting viewers to embrace their own journey. Shoulder Dance is out November 14, don’t miss this amazing and potentially messy adventure!

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