What you’re eating could be keeping you from having perfect six-pack abs

Your diet could be keeping you from having the ultimate six-pack abs!

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This article was published on April 1st, 2017

Life is often full of choices. The moment you decide you want the 6 pack abs of your dreams is the day you need to begin making new choices about your lifestyle. Everyone wants to have six-pack abs in time for summer. It takes a lot of dedication. Here are the real tips you need to help you along the way.

What many people don’t realize is working out is only a portion of what it takes to getting those washboard abs. What you eat plays a key role in achieving the ultimate six-pack. The right types of food provide the essential amount of proteins and fiber needed to have a dream body. It is absolutely necessary to begin eating right.

Start with the basics: cut out the crap. If you don’t need to drink alcohol, don’t. If you do, switch to low calorie cocktails and diet mixers in drinks. Use fresh fruit in water instead of drinking sugary juices and beverages. Instead of sugar, use honey, agave, or maple syrup as natural sweeteners instead of sugar. Replace mayonnaise, ranch dressing, and butter with hummus. Speaking of salad dressings, switch to fat-free or reduced calorie options. And finally: trade out salt consumption for herbs and spices.

Next, educate yourself. Read all the labels at grocery stores to know what they contain. Mustard, for instance, is zero calorie, making it your best friend in the flavor department. Only buy fresh fruit, vegetables, and meat—it’ll force you to eat healthy. Learning which foods are high or low in the right fats or proteins will help you get those abs in no time.

Learn to eat right. Getting a salad at lunchtime instead of fries helps improve your fiber intake and is better for you. When you order that salad, ask for dressing on the side. Instead of using olive or vegetable oil to cook with, utilize calorie-wise Italian dressing. Cut out eating late at night. Or if you feel really famished, have something like air-popped popcorn for late night snackage versus pizza, hamburgers, or other cravings. Choose low fat meats like fish or turkey, always.

Research the workout. A lot of this seems like homework, and it is, but once this knowledge is acquired, you will retain it for life and being to adhere to your routine after seeing results much quicker. What exercises produce the best results? How many repetitions are needed? Is cardio the best for sustaining muscle mass or do you need to burn that layer of fat down first before getting to the 6 pack? All these are questions you need answered in order to proceed.

Stay hydrated. Our bodies are 70% water. We need it to survive. Not only can water help fight cravings by making us feel fuller, it is a key ingredient in building muscle. Our advice is to always have a protein shake or bottle of water in your hand. If you have to drink coffee, put protein shake in your coffee instead of cream and sugar. But always, always stay hydrated.

These are just a start to help you begin obtaining abs. What tips, tricks, and secrets worked for you to getting a sexy six-pack? Leave your comments below.

What you're eating could be keeping you from having perfect six-pack abs

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