Taimi: The App That’s Creating a Safe Haven for the LGBTQ+ Community

Taimi is a place for dating and for members of the LGBTQ+ community to build a home away from home.

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This article was published on April 28th, 2022

Human rights are a big deal. That’s why people celebrate Human Rights Day every year on December 10, to remind us of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The declaration is a document that was created after WWII and it lists all the rights everyone has as human beings, regardless of their gender, race, color, nationality, or religion.

One goal of the day is to reduce human inequality and address discrimination against those who are most vulnerable. And for the LGBTQ+ community, there is still a lot of inequality that needs to be addressed. In fact, in many countries around the world, LGBTQ+ individuals are not protected from discrimination at all. Alex Pasykov, founder and CEO of Taimi, is passionate about human rights and has embarked on a new mission to bring people together. 

The Idea Behind Taimi

Taimi is an online community for the LGBTQ+ community. It’s a dating and social app that helps queer individuals feel safe and accepted despite their sexual orientation or identity. It’s available in 138 countries and has over 11.5 million users making it one of the largest gay dating apps in the world.

Taimi is not only a place for dating but also a place for members of the LGBTQ+ community to build a home away from home—a place where they can share experiences, talk about their day, or make friends with similar interests.

The True Ally

It is said that a true ally’s journey begins with a simple question:

Where am I in the LGBTQ movement, and what can I do to help?

For Alex Pasykov, a native of Ukraine, his answer came quickly. When he was studying in Europe, he saw how different Western countries were from his own when it came to treatment of LGBTQ+ people. He saw an opportunity to make a difference in his own country by creating a platform where LGBTQ+ people could feel safe and comfortable sharing their stories.

Alex’s life began in traditional Ukraine – but it soon expanded to include Europe and its more progressive view of the LGBTQ+ community. After graduating with an IT degree, he took advantage of an opportunity to create an app that would allow LGBTQ+ people freedom to express themselves safely and without judgment.

Unlike traditional apps, Taimi offered a safe space where connections would lead to something more than a hookup. Other than meeting new people, this platform would be free of harassment. Users would be able to chat, communicate, share information, discuss issues, and remain actively involved in their communities.

Not only does the app offer a place for open discussion about issues that most people shy away from, like HIV-prevention and gay marriage, but it also provides support through online forums and chatrooms.

Advocate for LGBTQ+ community

When Alex started Taimi, he had no idea he’d end up becoming an advocate for the LGBTQ community. But that’s just what happened! He made it his mission to create a visible change in the queer community by raising awareness and advocating for equal rights, all to help make a difference.

Taimi isn’t just your average dating app—it’s a place where people go to make meaningful connections. And it all starts with you. The community at Taimi believes that human rights are an issue that cannot be overlooked. They’re out there marching in the streets, fighting for equality and fairness, and speaking up against injustice

They’re also active in supporting others who are trying to make this world a better place, whether that’s by using their voices to encourage awareness or using their actions to support actions that help those in need.

The goal is a society that treats each person with respect, honor, and dignity. It’s about building something more than just an online society. It’s about building an actualized dream on the foundation of equality, acceptance, freedom, and empowerment for everyone involved. 

But how are they going to do this? By being accountable to one another. As a member of Taimi, you’re expected to uphold the set of guidelines required for all members of the platform. This helps to ward off abusive and disruptive behavior so everyone can get along peacefully—and find matches that are worth getting to know in person.

The guide to a better world

The platform is entirely free from hate speech, as well as from solicitation of personal information with the intent to harass or blackmail someone. Taimi also reserves the right to request proof of age from users to ensure that minors are not using their services.

While Taimi values freedom of expression, the safety and well-being of its users remain paramount. As such, no one is allowed to degrade or mock victims and survivors of suicide, sexual assault, eating disorders, self-harm and other traumatic experiences. Nor are they allowed to state or hint at intentions that might inflict injury, death or sexual assault on people or property. In addition, the app prohibits users from airing any threats to people or property.

The best part about Taimi? It’s not just a dating app—it’s also a community where you can make friends and have conversations with other people. And if you’re looking for a place to talk about issues that sometimes get overlooked in the gay community, you’ll be happy to know that Taimi is the kind of place where you can do that. The app allows its users to post their stories and experiences, which can help others struggling with similar issues feel less alone.

In addition to being a safe space for gay men to talk about issues they may not have the chance to discuss elsewhere, Taimi has partnered with organizations that can help people in crisis—including those who are suicidal or dealing with substance abuse.


Dating platforms needs to have strong values, provide a safe space, and offer social networking opportunities where you can be accepted as your true, authentic self. Taimi can open your world to new opportunities, friendships, and relationships. Download it today and give it a try. 

Visit Taimi and do your part to push for a better, equal and more inclusive world.

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