Take it like a man: Power bottom like a pro!

Power bottoming like a pro is having sex with the amount of control you want.

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This article was published on October 25th, 2017

Power bottom like a proNot everyone can take the D like a total champ. Being a bottom is already tough enough: you’ve got to do a lot of work and preparation. Being a power bottom is another story. Wanna become the power bottom of your dreams? Read below to learn how to power bottom like a pro.

To begin with, figure out what kind of power bottom you would like to be. If you just want to get pounded and be as passive as possible, then assume that role. If you want to be the one calling all the shots as the submissive one, that’s fine too. There’s certainly nothing wrong with a healthy mix of both, but realize that some tops are going to prefer you one way or another. The good ones will go along for the ride!

A huge factor in being the ultimate power bottom is taking anything and everything up your ass with the confidence that you won’t make a mess on your trick’s dick. Keep it clean. Douche yourself clean to a level where the concern of any mess has escaped your mind (and your hole). Confidence in knowing you could get reamed until next Tuesday without any shitty kitty will allow you to ease into the situation easier. An essential douching kit or tool is essential for everyone who wants to bottom. Period.

For some, it can take a lot of practice to become the ultimate power bottoming sexpert. It’s essential you learn the way your body works and then plan your bottoming around your biology. Don’t plan on getting taken to pound town with a full stomach. Eat plenty of fiber to ensure you have solid stools. Drink lots of water, always. When you cannot regulate your body’s natural digestive cycle, consider using Imodium pills or similar as prescribed by your doctor.

Start small to go big. Purchasing a sex toy is a great way to stretch your booty out to eventually be able to take whatever you want inside of you. Start with a few fingers and work your way up to a small dildo or even your first butt plug.  You’ll find owning a toy or two can help your hole develop elasticity by stretching and strengthening the sphincter muscles. You’ll power bottom like a pro in no time.

Lastly, don’t force it. If you are the more submissive person, then just take it like you want it. There’s no need to totally assume control of the situation by being dominant or forceful if that isn’t what you want. Being a power bottom is more a state of mind and consciousness. So, go at your own pace. Don’t race into anything that may hurt you emotionally or physically. Power bottoming like a pro is having sex with the amount of control you want.

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