Ten bite sized servings of FAK YAASS, now available on YouTube

Meet Nico, a young Greek gay man with a drama fueled family, in the YouTube series FAK YAASS.

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This article was published on April 27th, 2020

Within the first few minutes of watching FAK YAASS, every out and proud gay man will recognize the behavior of their younger self—for better or worse. From doing shots at home while dancing, to dodging phone calls from your family, there’s a process of rebuilding which takes place once you come out of the closet. The series, which premiered on YouTube on April 1, holds a mirror up to the coming of age experience which we all struggle through at some point in our lives.

For the protagonist Nico, his identity is shaped by his upbringing. But just as he is starting to establish his independence as a struggling actor, Nico is pulled back into the real-life drama of his Greek family when his grandfather suffers a mishap. 

FAK YAASS doesn’t hold back. We first meet Nico as he gets ready to embrace Toronto’s dance floors, complete with drag queens and dark rooms. Indeed, the series can be quite graphic and unapologetically queer. But in ten short installments, the series uncovers Nico’s true character. He’s forced to confront subtle bullying from almost everyone he knows, through to full-blown bigotry and homophobia. 

Relationships are never easy, and as the character of Nico faces the truth of his own behavior, he needs to learn to establish trust amongst a web of love and lies. Along the way, Nico is guided by the questionable advice of his friends Anton, played by Shadrack Jackman and Torri, played by Leanne Noelle Smith. 

For queer people, conservative values are never easy to navigate, but as the saying goes, you don’t get to choose your family. FAK YAASS throws a few curveballs into the traditional homecoming story, from drug use to impromptu drag shows. Nico’s family is forced to confront their preconceived ideas and judgmental attitudes. However, in the end, it’s a secret family scheme which spells almost inevitable disaster. 

Vasilios Filippakis is the creator and star who brings Nico to life on screen. For Filippakis, FAK YAASS is deeply personal–a journey of love, acceptance, humor and heartbreak. By layering childhood footage into the story, the narrative takes on a history of shame and denial which manifests into an unapologetic sharing of the truth. The unspoken story of young Nico’s life contrasts with the multigenerational portrayal of his modern family.

The series has been created by a young, talented team, and features an original score as well as three original songs which are available to stream on Spotify. The project is a labor of love and it’s clearly evident. Plus, by premiering on YouTube, FAK YAASS is available to stream free worldwide. But be warned, it contains explicit language, drug use and very sexually suggestive content! So, maybe watch by yourself before sharing it with your loved ones.

In case you’re wondering, the pun-ny title references Fak (pronounced fah-kehs), which is a popular Greek dish made from lentils. It’s a delicious-sounding entry point into a delightful LGBT series which is best served with plenty of pent up family guilt. So, type FAK YAASS into your YouTube search bar now or watch it here.

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