The 411 on Anal Douching

It’s not called ‘doing the nasty’ for nothing!

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This article was published on March 11th, 2020

As anyone that engages in anal sex knows, sh*t happens! For bottoms that want to keep their bottom as free of as mess-free as possible however, there are tips to take into consideration that will make there that your nether-region is ready to go for your significant other. As one of the more sensitive regions of the body, the cleanse must be thorough, yet gentle so that the you are able to enjoy sex after you have douched. HomoCulture has rounded up the best tips to keep your orifice clean and pristine. 

Liquid is Life!

Arguably the most important component to anal douching is using the proper cleaning liquids as toxins can very easily enter the bloodstream through the anal wall. Using tap water occasionally is low risk, but using it constantly poses a risk as it typically contains chlorine and fluoride, both of which contain calcium and unwanted electrolytes. For regular douching, a saline solution is your best bet, using 1 cup of purified water to 1 teaspoon of pure salt. The water should be at body temperature to prevent internal burning which can be excruciatingly painful to the lining of the anal cavity. 

Obtain the Tools!

The very first thing you’re going to need for this assignment is an enema. A disposable enema kit can be acquired at a local pharmacy or drugstore, or you can get a large squeeze bulb with a silicone or plastic nozzle. If you can’t find one at your pharmacy, you can alternately buy one online or at a adult shop. 

Slow and Steady

We are not ones to judge, but we are going to assume that you aren’t just gonna stick anything up your nether region. In fact, HomoCulture suggests that you ease into it. That’s right. Nice and slow. 

Place a bit of lube on a finger, then gently massage it into your sphincter. The better lubricated and gentler you are, the less likely you are to damage the anal wall and risk STIs or other infections. A little bit of preparation can go along way!

Know When to Say When

While we believe in a clean nether region, the trick is to know when to say when. That means anal douching till you are clean. Remember that you are not there to clear out your entire digestive tract. 

It’s All About Location

You’re going to want to be sure you are in your bathroom, either close to the toilet or in the shower.

Start by placing your dominant leg in a raised position, perhaps resting on the toilet, to ease the process of insertion.

Remember to loosen up your sphincter a bit with a lubed finger and then slowly insert the nozzle. Slowly squeeze the liquid from the bulb until it is all where it needs to be and then hold the liquid in by clenching your sphincter.

If you find that you are unable to hold the liquid in, you may want to sit directly on the toilet immediately after the bulb has been emptied to avoid a nasty mess.

However, if you can hold the liquid in, you might want to take this opportunity to jump up and down a few times to get things rolling in there a bit.

Obviously, you shouldn’t jump up and down if you have chosen to douche in the shower. Do you really want them to find you dead in the shower with a cracked skull surrounded by anal effluvium?! I thought not.

Don’t Over Do It

Try to limit yourself to douching no more than once in a single day, and only about two or three times a week. No matter how careful you are to employ the proper techniques and use the proper liquid, anal douching still takes its toll on your insides. This can leave you open to both STIs and common infections.

Give It Time

It takes a little while for all that liquid you just shot up your ass to find its way back out, so you’re going to want to be close to the toilet until it has. This means you will want to give yourself time before you have anal sex after douching to avoid running into a worse form of the problem you were trying to avoid by douching in the first place. It’s best to give it a good hour after douching, just to be safe.

Avoid Laxatives 

At first blush, laxatives seem like a great way to get things moving downtown but, really, they can just lead to a worsening of the problem by causing more feces to work its way down through your digestive tract.

Not to mention the fact that they can cause some rather unpleasant abdominal cramping that is sure to kill the mood should it occur while you’re playing.

Be Zen With The Fact That Shit Happens

When all is said and done, no matter how much care you take to stay clean down there, you’re bound to run into a little unwanted shit rearing its ugly head.

Try to have a sense of humor about it and don’t let it make you overly self-conscious. When you play in the mud, you’re bound to get a little dirty!

When all is said and done, anal douching is a great way to keep the more unpleasant aspects of anal sex at bay. If done correctly and safely, you should have no trouble staying clean as a whistle for your partner.

As your skill develops, your douching regimen will probably change. You’ll discover what kind of douche you want to use, learn different cleaning methods, or find that you don’t really need (or want) to douche at all. Many people don’t, and you don’t always need to douche to have an enjoyable experience bottoming.


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