The Best Thing About Gay VR Chatrooms

Gay VR chatrooms are the way of the future, but how does that make you feel? Here are our thoughts and predictions - do you agree?

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This article was published on January 15th, 2022

LGBTQ Spaces in Social VR and Virtual Worlds are very real. Still, people do not know that they exist or what we can do about them. If you’re in a VR world or chatroom, you can be whatever you want to be. You can talk to whomever you’d like and even engage in behavior that would otherwise be considered risky in the real world. A few virtual worlds in the metaverse are a place for our community to call home. They are safe havens for people who face adversity daily, and everyone is welcome, but the creators designed these rooms for the gay community. 

What are these places, and what can we do in them? First, understand that you will need a VR headset and an open mind for meeting and talking to all kinds of people. Because the metaverse is online, you should treat it similarly to the same precautions you would take in the real world. It’s possible you could find yourself in a friendly community in the metaverse or sexual encounters with people connecting through mobile devices too. So, let’s get into the safe spaces where you can have loads of fun from the comfort of your home. 


There are two regular weekly LGBTQ and Friends meetups that take place in Altspace VR. Here you can join a global LGBTQ meetup that offers support and encouragement from all corners of the globe. Alt Space VR has a North American LGBTQ meetup weekly at 6 pm Pacific time. There is an alternate meetup time for North America, but you will need to connect at 1 PM Pacific time. Altspace VR is the ultimate haven where you can express yourself. The designers have created this place for those who have difficulty expressing themselves in the real world due to feeling oppressed or living in countries and cities where gays are not safe, like Chechnya in Russia. Here you can feel bold enough to express your stories and get the encouragement you need to be the person you are.

Here’s a link to the latest news about AltspaceVR, including upcoming events.

There are many places online where people can meet others who share their interests, not just Altspace VR. There are also many places like clubs, bars, restaurants, and even parties in virtual reality. It can probably leave you wondering…..

How important are these community groups in Gay VR?

Well, it’s important to remember that not everyone is lucky enough to be surrounded by a large LGBTQ community. So, hanging out in VR chatrooms with people who share similar interests allows them to make new friends in a safe environment. One of the most established online VR chatrooms is the LGBTQ+ Friends meetup.

What is this LGBTQ+ Friends meetup about?

The LGBTQ+ meetup group is about education and learning; THe creators wanted it to be a way to fight misconceptions and hate. The creators try to maintain a safe space for people who are out of the closet. If there were no meetup group, these people would have to go to a gay/straight association or find a gay/straight space in their local city – which can sometimes be dangerous. Don’t forget that it is still illegal to be gay in some places!

This group is an online safe place for LGBTQ+ people to meet up and share experiences. They can talk about anything without being recorded by anyone else. They can be themselves and feel comfortable. This group provides support, education, and comfort for everyone. So, you might be wondering if you can join the online community. So, let’s see…

Who can join this gay VR chatroom? 

The group is open-minded and welcomes everyone who wants to join the group. People involved in the group don’t mind having difficult conversations about sexuality. The group believes that everyone should be treated equally, regardless of their sexual orientation.

So, will you be joining the group? Or would you prefer to use gay VR for porn? Let us know your feelings below – do you think gay VR is the way of the future for those in less accepting countries?

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One thought on “The Best Thing About Gay VR Chatrooms

  1. Joe

    Good to know there are gay social spaces on VR. I haven’t used my Oculous 2 because I bought it to visit sites around the world and couldn’t find any.
    Thanks for the article. I often feel deep empathy for people in those parts of the world where being LGBTQ is illegal and even dangerous.