The How to Guide for Sustainable Queer Fashion Lifestyle

The most effective way to achieve a sustainable fashion lifestyle is to empress quality and focus on appropriate disposal or recycling of garments.

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This article was published on November 3rd, 2022

The queer community oversees a sustainable fashion lifestyle. Compared with heterosexuals, queer people are linked to having a high level of activism and can engage in more liberal movements. Additionally, the LGBTQ+ community is more likely to join environmental, anti-corporate, and anti-war movements. The most effective way to achieve a sustainable fashion lifestyle is to impress quality and focus on appropriate disposal or recycling of garments.

1. Buy less

The best way to minimize clutters and protect the environment is by reconsidering our shopping style. If we buy fewer clothes and later opt for other shopping alternatives by considering the alternatives discussed below, it will have some environmental impact. While our forefathers had only two clothing, we have more than 20 clothes. We don’t know that the most environmentally sustainable clothing is the one we already have.

2. Purchase clothes garments from sustainable brands

Many fashion brands have considered their production capacity’s social and environmental impact. But, as the demand for sustainable clothing increases, more clothing becomes available. 

Unlike in a fast fashion shop, you will spend more on sustainable clothing. This doesn’t mean sustainable brand clothing will automatically be more expensive than brand name clothing. As consumers, we sometimes pay for the images included but often for sustainability and quality.

3. Quality Is Queen

Due to affordable prices of clothing, people no longer focus on quality. Most of us consider buying new garments as soon as the ones we have worn out and lost their shape. At one point in our lives, we all have experience purchasing new clothes or shoes, but two to three months later, they are already worn out. That is why quality is queen. 

If we start focusing on quality, brands will be pressured to improve the quality of their clothing. High-quality garments last longer, are even safer for the environment and are budget friendly.

4. Think twice before decluttering your clothes

While clutter makes our homes untidy, there is a better way to declutter your wardrobe, don’t throw them in normal bins. Most clothes are made of non-biodegradable and synthetic fiber. Meaning they won’t degrade but will instead pile up. Here are some ways to consider before throwing out clothes.

  • Donate your clothes to charity, family, friends, or neighbors. 
  • Repair them. Some torn clothes are repairable, and even you can redesign your torn garment. 
  • Sell them online through a second-hand clothes app
  • Some shops take back used clothes from their brands and even competitors
  • Textiles can be recycled; therefore, place them in textile recycling bins. 
  • Find other clothing alternatives

If you’re on budget, there are other options than buying new clothes. These alternatives are accessible from your locality. 

Swap Clothes

There are many initiatives online where you can swap clothes. It’s one of the most economical and eco-friendly ways to replace your wardrobe. You swap clothes that you no longer use with ones you can use. 

Second-hand shop

Currently, many apps and websites offer second-hand clothing alternatives, from cheap ones to branded ones. 

Rent clothes

It’s one of the fastest growing industries that deals with clothes not worn for longer periods- pregnancy clothes, baby clothes, and party dresses. Some companies offer a monthly fee that allows you to renew your wardrobe constantly.

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