The Kaimana Beach Hotel is Fabulous Beach Side Paradise

Oct 31, 2023

Along the shores of Waikiki Beach, the Kaimana Beach Hotel beckons with the promise of a fabulous Hawaiian island escape. Kaimana Beach Hotel has an unbeatable location right at the eastern end of Waikiki Beach! Only 12 minutes away from the best shops, and dining establishments there’s plenty to do. The Kaimana Beach Hotel offers up direct access to one of the world’s most stunning coastlines with private beach access.

Kaimana Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii

Originally the beach was known as Sans Souci, which translates to “without cares”, this family-owned and operated boutique hotel thrives in the spirit of carefree living. 

Night view from Kaimana Beach, looking towards Honolulu, Hawaii.

Kaimana Beach Hotel has plenty of rich history, offers authentic Hawaiian hospitality, and has an undeniable connection to the life of the islands. Claiming to be “perfect for the barefoot beach lifestyle,” the Kaimana Beach Hotel captures the very essence of Hawaii. Let the gentle lapping of waves, soft sands beneath your feet, and the lush, tropical surroundings draw you in. It’s time to embrace the relaxed and carefree spirit of the islands!

Goldfish in the pond at the entrance of the Kaimana Beach Hotel.

Luxurious Island Rooms

The guest rooms at the Kaimana Beach Hotel exude comfort and soothing tropical elegance! They’re bright and refreshing, leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated. Whether you choose a cozy standard room or a spacious suite, every room has adorned with island-inspired décor, including fresh cut flowers! It creates a soothing ambiance that mirrors the natural beauty just outside your window. 

An ocean-view room at the Kaimana Beach Hotel, Hawaii.

The linens are crisp and clean, and the beds are soft and inviting. Many rooms feature private lanais, allowing you to step out and breathe in the ocean air while taking in the breathtaking views of Waikiki Beach. 

Oceanside room at the Kaimana Beach Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The Kaimana Beach Hotel pampers you with the right balance of in-room amenities to enhance your stay. Enjoy high-speed WiFi for staying connected and savor the daily refreshment of in-room still and sparkling Vivreau water. With daily housekeeping service, your room remains a haven of cleanliness and comfort. Indulge in the custom-scented bath amenities by LATHER, adding a touch of luxury to your daily routine.

Guest room bathroom at the Kaimana Beach Hotel.

Guest rooms have also been simplified to remove extra clutter that aren’t commonly used by most guests, making the rooms even more spacious and tranquil. However, if you do need those extras, like ironing boards and coffee makers, they are available through the front desk. 

Fluffy towels at the Kaimana Beach Hotel.

For guests with extended stays or a more self-sufficient experience, some of the suites come with fully equipped kitchens, ideal for preparing your own island-inspired meals. 

Every room at the Kaimana Beach Hotel is relaxing and comfortable, ensuring that your stay is amazing and rejuvenating.

Amenities for Your Stay at Kaimana Beach

The Kaimana Beach offers a perfect selection of amenities and services designed to make your time truly care-free. For an enhanced experience, the Kaimana Club Pass offers a world of in-house experiences. Immerse yourself in Hawaiian culture with hula, weaving, and lei-making classes, or find serenity through yoga sessions. 

Gay man in sequin tank top, wearing sunglasses, and traditional lai, with Honolulu in the background.

For those eager to explore the ocean, stand-up paddleboarding is at your fingertips. Traditional lei-making sessions are offered once a week and add a touch of local artistry. 

Additionally, the Beach Club Services ensure that your beach days are effortlessly enjoyable. Take advantage of the concierge and pre-arrival services! They offer a private beach host to provide everything you need! To top it off, organic reef-safe sunscreen is at your disposal. This ensures both the health of your skin and the preservation of the stunning marine environment! 

Kaimana Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii

The surf shop is owned by the #1 surfer in the world! The title was recently claimed in 2023, making this the best place to learn surfing. The private beach access allows for private surfing lessons. This way you can get the best practice possible without the crowded beaches. 

Surf lessons from Kaimana Beach Resort surf shop.

Fine Dining and Coffee 

Food and culinary experiences are a staple to traveling and vacationing away from home. Kaimana Beach Hotel offers an exquisite fusion of Hawaiian and Pacific Rim flavors! Meanwhile its bars and lounges serve up handcrafted cocktails and beverages that perfectly complement the tropical paradise that surrounds you. Perfect for savoring fresh seafood at the Hau Tree Lanai or enjoying a sunset cocktail at the oceanfront bar!

Hau Tree

The Hau Tree provides the perfect setting for a delightful fusion of Hawaiian and Pacific Rim cuisine. Offering picturesque views of Waikiki Beach, Guests are treated to a wonderful variety of delectable seafood! They use locally sourced island produce, and offer an impressive selection of tropical cocktails, all while being serenaded by the soothing sounds of the ocean. 

Steak dinner at Hau Tree restaurant at the Kaimana Beach Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The Hau Tree’s ambiance and delicious food will leave a lasting impression and provide an authentic taste of Hawaii. Whether you’re starting your day with a leisurely breakfast, savoring an intimate dinner as the sun sets, or simply enjoying a refreshing drink by the shore! 

Brunch at Hau Tree restaurant at the Kaimana Beach Hotel.

Kaimana Coffee Co.

Kaimana Coffee Co. is there to make sure the coffee gays have everything they need in the morning. This charming coffee shop captures the essence of Hawaiian coffee culture, serving up freshly brewed blends sourced from local farms. Kaimana Coffee Co. provides a cozy and inviting atmosphere to enjoy your favorite caffeinated creations. Whether you’re in the mood for a perfectly pulled espresso or a creamy latte! With its serene beachfront location, it’s a perfect spot to start your day with a cup of Hawaiian paradise in hand!

Kaimana Welcomes LGBTQ+ Travelers

The Kaimana Beach Hotel has gone the extra mile to make LGBTQ+ travelers feel truly at home. Their commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion shines through every aspect of the guest experience. 

The renovations and repositioning initiated three years ago reflect a space where LGBTQ+ individuals can see themselves and be themselves. Throughout your stay, you’ll find a community that looks like you and speaks like you, fostering a sense of belonging. The hotel’s front-line employees are extensively trained to understand the unique needs and issues facing LGBTQ+ guests. Discrimination and sexual harassment are strictly prohibited, not only in policy but in practice. 

Learning to surf at Kaimana Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii.

They also use marketing and social initiatives that promote and push inclusivity. The property proudly sponsors Pride events, supports the local queer community, and invests in workforce training for underserved communities. Inclusivity and acceptance are very important to the hotel, where love is celebrated in all its diverse forms. 

The Kaimana Beach Hotel doesn’t rely on year-round Pride flags because it’s how the team members treat their guests. They know truly matters, fostering a genuine and personal connection. 

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The Kaimana Beach Hotel truly encapsulates the spirit of the islands in every aspect of your stay. From its rich history, stunning oceanfront location, and commitment to genuine hospitality, it’s where relaxation and adventure harmonize seamlessly. It’s a place that invites you to experience Hawaii in all its glory. 

View of Honolulu and beaches from the Kaimana Beach Hotel.

If you’re ready to embark on an enchanting journey to paradise, we invite you to learn more about the Kaimana Beach Hotel and plan your unforgettable getaway by visiting their website at

View of the Hawaii jungle and mountains from the Kaimana Beach Hotel.

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View of resorts and the ocean from a luxury resort in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Honolulu, situated on Oahu’s southern coast, is Hawaii’s capital and the entry point to its stunning islands. Dive headfirst into Waikiki’s gay scene, enjoy delectable dining, lively nightlife, and enticing shopping options. 

Waikiki's Main Street with Pride banners to celebrate Honolulu Pride.

Waikiki’s renowned crescent-shaped beach, framed by palm trees and towering hotels, provides a picturesque backdrop with the majestic Diamond Head crater standing tall afar.

Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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