The Rainbows Spark

The latest book by Casey Hardman follows a young gay man grappling with the rites of passage of young adulthood.

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This article was published on March 8th, 2021

What are the obstacles faced for those that must go through life as a minority? What are the coping mechanisms necessary for a person that is seeking to overcome circumstances beyond their control to survive in the world? The Rainbows Spark is the latest book by Casey Hardman that delves into this conundrum with a comedic spin on traditional stereotypes. 

In The Rainbows Spark, the protagonist is Cole Sparks, a young gay man navigating through life as he struggles emotionally and spiritually while juggling the workplace. Sparks has long harbored the dream of having a career as a professional photographer, and while in Canada’s capital taking photos to add to his portfolio, his work piques interest and he soon finds himself working for the country’s top fashion magazine while simultaneously completing university. Starting from the bottom rung of the company, Cole takes readers on a journey as he comes to terms with his hopes and dreams to reach an impossible goal that ultimately results in his promotion to photographer. 

No relationship is ever easy, and Cole Sparks life as an ‘average gay man’ is no exception. In terms of his love life, Cole considers finding love nearly as impossible as landing a dream job. As a self-described shy, clumsy, and reserved young man, he finds himself often times in awkward situations when it comes to meeting men. In his mind, he never quite measures up to the status quo when it comes to dating, so why should he even bother?

But, when all seems lost, an unexpected acquaintance emerge and changes things.  

The old adage that work and love are great motivators comes into play after a long wait for Cole, and now he must find the right balance between balancing the two his life. As someone foreign to the prospect of getting what he wants, Cole struggles with his embarrassment of riches and grapples with how to handle his new reality. As he continues to finally accept his current position and maintain the status quo, Cole is  blindsided by hidden feelings, secrets, and lies from other people in his life. Can Cole have a career and a lover?

Is it possible to have it all at the same time?

The Rainbows Spark is the latest book from Casey Hardman, whose first novel, Passages of a Clouded Mind, debuted in November 2010. Since publishing the collection of poems and short stories, the out-and-proud Canadian author has written several books, all of which are available through Amazon.

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